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Video doorbells have continued to evolve their specs, both inside the doorbell itself and the cloud features on offer. As with all cameras, the resolution of video doorbells has increased with many low budget devices now offering 1080p.

But what, about 4k video doorbells? Well sadly none exist just yet, but in this guide, we’ll explore the video doorbells on the market that have the highest recording resolutions and share out recommendations.

So, what is the best 4k video doorbell? There aren’t any 4k video doorbells being made right now, although it will only be a matter of time. In the meantime, the Eufy doorbell offers the highest resolution at 2k whilst the Nest Hello offers a resolution of 1600 x 1200.

Best 2k and 4K Video Doorbells

If having the best resolution is top of your agenda, here are our recommended doorbells on the market at the moment. We’ll keep this up to date as more 4k doorbells are released.

Eufy Video Doorbell (Battery)

Our top recommendation is Eufy’s 2k video doorbell. We recommend the battery version for an easy install but wired is also available.

All features accessible without cloud subscription
Wired and wireless options
Reasonable price comparted to competitors
Visitor announcements via Alexa and Google Home

The closest you’ll get to a 4K video doorbell right now is the Eufy doorbell. Eufy is a consumer appliance brand within Anker, best known for their power banks but now expanding in many directions. This doorbell has the highest resolution at 2k and also comes with a lower price tag than many of the other brands shared here.

The doorbell integrates perfectly with Alexa and also plays nicely with Google Home for audio, although video streaming to the Nest Hub or Chromecast isn’t quite there yet.

The big draw of the Eufy doorbell is that all of the key features can be access without a monthly fee, this is largely in part due to the local storage on the device. See our full guide on video doorbells without a subscription for more on this.

There is both a wired and a wireless version of the Eufy doorbell but it’s the wireless one that really stands out. The doorbell comes with a dedicated base hub that sits in the house and stores all of the footage from the doorbell, this means that if anyone were to steal your doorbell, you’d still have all your footage and know who the culprit was.

The doorbell communicates to the base via a low-power wireless protocol, this means that the battery life on the doorbell far outlasts any competing products that usually rely on power-heavy WiFi, you could easily get 4 months out of this without a recharge.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

A video doorbell from Google with a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels.

Visitor announcements via Google Home or live stream to Nest Hub and Chromecast
Announces visitors by name when they are added via familiar faces
Crisp video quality and infrared night vision
Cloud subscription required for some features
Most expensive

At the top of our list is the Nest Hello doorbell, a device that’s also made by Google so as you’d expect it has tight integration with Google Assistant that runs on Home devices.

Once you’ve set up your Nest Hello in the Google Home app, you can enable notifications to your phone or announcements on your Google Home devices. If you have a Nest Hub, Next Hub Max or a Chromecast plugged in, you can stream the video straight to the device when the door rings.

One of the advanced features of the Nest Hello is ‘familiar faces’ which allows you to set up facial recognition and add names to frequent visitors, your Google Home devices will then announce their name when they are at your door.

As well as the integrations with Google Home, the doorbell stands out for its excellent video quality. Whilst it’s resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels doesn’t quite give us our 4k fix, the video is crisp and offers a 160degree field of view. Plus it has infrared night vision allowing it to see over 1.5m in the dark for 24hr protection.

Unfortunately, some of the features require a subscription to Nest Aware, their cloud service that offers 30 day playback and intelligent monitoring. It’s also worth pointing out that they only offer a wired option at the time of writing but we’re hoping for a battery powered version in the future.

August View Doorbell

A new device launched in 2020 that’s a significant step forward on their previous devices. It has a resolution of 1920×1440 pixels.

Highly weatherproof IPx5 rating
Integrates with Alexa and Google Home
Unlock August smart locks in same view as doorbell
24 hours free cloud storage
Lag between doorbell and receiving notifications
No wired version available

If you already have August locks on your door, then adding an August doorbell will complete the line up nicely. This is a new device from August and is an upgrade on their old doorbell cam and if looks are anything to go by it’s a serious upgrade.

But under the hood there are major changes too. The video resolution is crisp and clear with a resolution of 1920×1440 pixels, an odd resolution that sits between 2k and QHD – our 4k video doorbell is a step closer. The reason for the strange resolution is that it is elongated to give a good view of the doorstep if you need to see parcels being left.

The August View integrates with both Alexa and Google Home, although currently video integration only works with Alexa giving you a live stream of your door on the Echo Show. If you have August smart locks and an August bridge, you’ll be able to seamlessly unlock the door using only your voice.

The August View has all of the typical features associated with video doorbells including live view, motion detection and 2 way intercom. August also offer 24 hours free cloud storage, allowing you to review recorded footage up to a day after it is recorded without a subscription.

Another nice feature if you have August locks is that you can unlock them from the same view as the doorbell. However, one of the biggest frustrations about this product is that the response time between the doorbell being pressed or motion detected, and the notification is fairly long and can take 5-10 seconds.

At the time of writing, only a wireless battery powered version is available which might not suit everyone. However, the battery is removeable unlike many other devices so you could swap it out for another battery while you recharge, expect each charge to last around 4 weeks.


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