43 Best Alexa Playlists 2022 [With Full Tracklists]

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Playing your favourite playlist on Alexa is as simple as saying “Alexa, play (playlist name)”. But most people aren’t aware of just how many playlists that the experts over at Amazon Music have curated.

In this guide, I’ve put together a list of the 43 best Alexa playlists along with the alexa command to play them and an up-to-date list of all the songs in each list. Plus, I’ve categorised them so you can choose between playlists for work, parties, cleaning, summer, workouts, and more.

Note: Most of these playlists require a paid Amazon Music subscription. If you have Amazon Music Free, Alexa will play a station based on the playlist or an alternative free playlist.

Best Alexa Playlists

Here are the best playlists from Amazon Music UK, scroll down for the full up-to-date tracklist of each playlist.

PlaylistAlexa Command
Acoustic CoversAlexa play Acoustic Covers
All Hits UKAlexa play All Hits UK
Throwback R&B HitsAlexa play Throwback R&B Hits
Friday Night BangersAlexa play Friday Night Bangers
80’s SummerAlexa play 80’s Summer
Disney HitsAlexa play Disney Hits
Lo-Fi Hip HopAlexa play Lo-Fi Hip Hop
Morning Cup of CoffeeAlexa play Morning Cup of Coffee
Acoustic ChillAlexa play Acoustic Chill
Indie Right NowAlexa play Indie Right Now
Film Scores for StudyAlexa play Film Scores for Study
Feeling HappyAlexa play Feeling Happy
Rap RotationAlexa play Rap Rotation
BreakthroughAlexa play Breakthrough
Country HeatAlexa play Country Heat
Best of Northern SoulAlexa play Best of Northern Soul
Pop Right NowAlexa play Pop Right Now
NectarAlexa play Nectar
Rock SceneAlexa play Rock Scene
+44Alexa play +44
The Sound of Modern HouseAlexa play The Sound of Modern House
Pop LabAlexa play Pop Lab
90’s House PartyAlexa play 90’s House Party
Chilled HitsAlexa play Chilled Hits
Piano ChillAlexa play Piano Chill
Dream TimeAlexa play Dream Time
Relaxing Classical PianoAlexa play Relaxing Classical Piano
Chillout ClassicsAlexa play Chillout Classics
Hypnotic and MelodicAlexa play Hypnotic and Melodic
Ambient DreamsAlexa play Ambient Dreams
100 Greatest Summer SongsAlexa play 100 Greatest Summer Songs
Summer BBQAlexa play Summer BBQ
70’s Love SongsAlexa play 70’s Love Songs
PlatinoAlexa play Platino
Easy HitsAlexa play Easy Hits
Workout PulseAlexa play Workout Pulse
Crossfit WorkoutAlexa play Crossfit Workout
Fresh DanceAlexa play Fresh Dance
Dance Pop Super HitsAlexa play Dance Pop Super Hits
Best of Classic TechnoAlexa play Best of Classic Techno
100 Best 2010’sAlexa play 100 Best 2010’s
80’s Love SongsAlexa play 80’s Love Songs
Drum & Bass NowAlexa play Drum & Bass Now

1. Acoustic Covers

Command: “Alexa, play acoustic covers.”

This playlist includes 100 acoustic covers from some of the best-known songs of all time.

Expect covers of Sweet Child O’ Mine, Fast Car, What a Wonderful World, Crazy in Love, and more classics.

Perfect for that chilled out afternoon vibe.

2. All Hits UK

Commands: “Alexa, play all hits UK” or “Alexa, play official chart songs.”

If you’re looking for a selection of the biggest hits currently in the UK, this is the playlist for you.

Expect all the current chart-toppers and some that have been around a little longer, including Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Lizzo, Drake, Harry Styles, and more.

Hint: If you want to hear the world’s best hits instead of the UK, say “Alexa, play all hits”.

3. Throwback R&B Hits

Command: “Alexa, play throwback R&B hits.”

Who doesn’t love a bit of R&B from the 90’s and early naughties?

This Alexa playlist has 25 killer hits that are smooth, seductive, and sure to bring back some awesome memories.

All of the R&B superstars are included, from Craig David to Missy Elliot and Destinys Child.

4. Friday Night Bangers

Command: “Alexa, play Friday night bangers.”

This playlist contains 125 epic dance music hits that are perfect to launch the weekend in style.

This playlist is ideal for your Friday night pre drinks before going out

The list is frequently updated with the latest and greatest in electronic music such as Jaxx Jones, David Guetta, l.F. System, and more. There are some classics thrown in to get the party started.

5. 80’s Summer

Command: “Alexa, play 80’s summer”

From Stevie Wonder to Madona, this is an upbeat amazon music playlist featuring 4 hours of classic hits from the 1980s that are perfect for your singalong summer road trips with the family.

6. Disney Hits

Command: “Alexa, play Disney hits.”

All your favourite Disney songs, past and present. There’s something for all the family with over 70 hits from Toy Story to The Lion King.

Expect to be singing your heart out to ‘Under the Sea’, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, ‘Hakuna Matata, and more.

7. Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Command: “Alexa, play lo-fi hip hop.”

Chillhop and lo-fi beats (downtempo hip-hop), are often hypnotic and with few words so that you don’t get distracted.

This playlist is your ideal companion for studying or relaxing.

8. Morning Cup of Coffee

Command: “Alexa, play morning cup of coffee.”

These are the morning songs you didn’t know you needed. From Elton John to Bob Marley, this playlist has both old and new songs.

Pop this playlist on your Echo in the morning and you’re sure to start the day in a good mood.

9. Acoustic Chill

Command: “Alexa, play acoustic chill.”

This playlist features over 50 of the best acoustic songs and acoustic covers including some that are unique to Amazon Music (such as Pink!).

The playlist features contemporary Acoustic artists such as James Bay, Sam Fischer, and Shawn Mendes. Unlike the Acoustic Covers playlist earlier, this one is all original songs.

10. Indie Right Now

Command: “Alexa, play indie right now.

A range of the latest indie tracks from artists such as Foals, Bastille, Sam Fender, and more.

These tracks are sure to get you singing along as you enjoy your day.

11. Film Scores for Study

Command: “Alexa, play film scores for study.”

Get focused with the relaxing sounds of the cinema.

See if you can work out which film each of these scores are from.

Your options include Top Gun, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more classics.

12. Feeling Happy

Command: “Alexa, play feeling happy.”

Happy, upbeat hits to make you feel good.

13. Rap Rotation

Command: “Alexa, play rap rotation.”

A new home for hip hop in heavy rotation.

14. Breakthrough

Command: “Alexa, play the playlist breakthrough.”

The future’s bright, and it belongs to these new artists.

15. Country Heat

Command: “Alexa, play country heat.”

Fire tracks from the hottest acts in country music.

16. Best of Northern Soul

Command: “Alexa, play best of northern soul.”

The sound of Northern England in the late 60s with Gloria Jones, Dobie Gray and more.

17. Pop Right Now

Command: “Alexa, play pop right now.”

Today’s hottest pop.

18. Nectar

Command: “Alexa, play nectar.”

The world’s hottest dance music.

19. Rock Scene

Command: “Alexa, play rock scene.”

The most exciting new rock music from around the world.

20. +44

Command: “Alexa, play plus four four.”

Sound of the UK. Spotlighting the best UK Rap, R&B, Grime, Drill and Afrobeats.

21. The Sound of Modern House

Command: “Alexa, play the sound of modern house.”

The world’s hottest house music.

22. Pop Lab

Command: “Alexa, play pop lab.”

The best of today’s pop assembled, but not manufactured.

23. 90’s House Party

Command: “Alexa, play nineties house party.”

Remember these 90s hits? So will everyone else at your party!

For more throwback party tunes, you can also try the playlists 80’s house party (“Alexa, play eighties house party”) and 00’s house party (“Alexa, play naughties house party”).

24. Chilled Hits

Command: “Alexa, play chilled hits.”

No genres, no corners, no limits.

25. Piano Chill

Command: “Alexa, play piano chill.”

Relaxing pianos to soothe and unwind your mind.

26. Dream Time

Command: “Alexa, play dream time.”

Close your eyes and sleep tight with these relaxing tracks. Sweet Dreams.

27. Relaxing Classical Piano

Command: “Alexa, play relaxing classical piano.”

Soft and soothing piano pieces for you to unwind to.

28. Chillout Classics

Command: “Alexa, play chillout classics.”

Drift away with Zero 7, Air, Massive Attack and more.

29. Hypnotic and Melodic

Command: “Alexa, play hypnotic and melodic.”

Floaty, melodic vibes and hypnotic house beats.

30. Ambient Dreams

Command: “Alexa, play ambient dreams.”

The latest in ambient and abstract electronic soundscapes.

31. 100 Greatest Summer Songs

Command: “Alexa, play 100 greatest summer songs.”

If you’re looking for an Alexa playlist for summer, look no further as summer anthems has everything from the 60s right up to the 10s to get you in the mood.

My personal favourites from this collection include Will Smith, The Beatles, Bill Withers, and (an essential for any summer playlist) The Beach Boys.

32. Summer BBQ

Command: “Alexa, play summer barbeque.”

Throw another pop hit on the barbie!

33. 70’s Love Songs

Command: “Alexa, play seventies love songs.”

Fall in love all over again with these classic 70s love songs.

34. Platino

Command: “Alexa, play platino.”

The hottest Latin hits.

35. Easy Hits

Command: “Alexa, play easy hits.”

Easy hits for your pure pleasure fix. Updated regularly.

36. Workout Pulse

Command: “Alexa, play workout pulse.”

The ‘Workout Pulse’ playlist features a range of motivational anthems that are great for running, cycling, and other sports.

From Craig David to Ella Henderson, you’ll hit your sports goals in no time at all.

37. Crossfit Workout

Command: “Alexa, play crossfit workout.”

Powerful cross-genre hits to spur you on when you’re mixing up your workout.

38. Fresh Dance

Command: “Alexa, play fresh dance.”

If you enjoy dance music, the ‘Fresh Dance’ alexa playlist has something for you.

From EDM such as Martin Garrix to deep house from Christoph, this playlist has all the latest from UK and global artists.

The playlist is updated every Friday.

39. Dance Pop Super Hits

Command: “Alexa, play dance pop super hits.”

Pop to make you dance & dance to make you pop.

40. Best of Classic Techno

Command: “Alexa, play best of classic techno.”

Step into the future by heading to the past with some of the greatest techno tracks of all time.

41. 100 Best 2010’s

Command: “Alexa, play 100 best 2010s.”

Throwback to the last decade with these anthems. Expect classic Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, Avicii, and more.

42. 80’s Love Songs

Command: “Alexa, play 80’s love songs”

The best 80’s Alexa playlist is ’80’s Love Song’. Duran Duran, Tina Turner, and Lionel Richie are among the incredible hits you can expect from this playlist with 30 songs.

Whether you’ve got heartache or just need a pick-me-up, ask Alexa to get this one going and everything will be okay.

43. Drum & Bass Now

Command: “Alexa, play drum & bass now.”

Who said drum and bass is dead? This entire playlist is dedicated to the forgotten genre.

Expect the likes of Sigma, Friction, DJ Fresh, and more.

Related Questions

What’s the Best Alexa Playlist for Parties?

The best playlists for Alexa at parties are Friday Night Bangers, Pop Right Now, and maybe even Disney Hits to get the karaoke on the go.

What Are the best Alexa Playlists For Cleaning?

The best Alexa playlists for cleaning are Feeling Happy, Breakout, and Northern Soul.

What Are the Best Alexa Playlists for Working Out?

The best Alexa playlists for working out are ‘Workout Pulse’ which features motivational tunes and ‘Crossfit Workout’ which is more multi-genre to keep things exciting.

Can You Create Your Own Alexa Playlists?

Yes, you can create your own Alexa playlists as long as you have an active Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. You cannot do this with a free account.

You can create a playlist by saying ‘Alexa, add this song to my playlist” or from within the Amazon Music app.

Can Alexa Shuffle Playlists?

Yes, you can shuffle an Alexa playlist by saying “Alexa, turn shuffle on/off” if the playlist is already playing, or by saying “Alexa, shuffle (playlist name)”.

Can Alexa Play Spotify Playlists?

Yes, although Amazon Music is the default music streaming service for playlists, you can change this to Spotify from within the settings menu in the Alexa app. Once you have changed the default service, you can request Spotify playlists using the command “Alexa, play ”.


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