6 Best Security Cameras for HomeKit Secure Video

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If you’re a HomeKit user, you’ll be aware that not every device plays nicely with the platform and the introduction of HomeKit Secure Video has added even more hurdles for manufacturers when creating security cameras.

For this reason, it’s difficult to find HomeKit-enabled security cameras for your smart home, let along know if they are any good. That’s why I’ve put together this guide where I’ll share the best HomeKit security cameras that work with HomeKit Secure Video and are available in the UK.

Quick Summary

Image Summary  
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Best Overall: Eufycam 2C Pro
• A 2k HomeKit camera with built-in spotlight
• Can be used indoor and out with a 6 month battery life
• Reasonably priced for the features
Nanoleaf Canvas (1)
Runner Up: Logitech Circle View
• Another great camera for indoors and outside
• Nightvision makes this an excellent pick
• Wired only
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Best for Indoors: Aqara
• Easy to set up with a magnetic base
• Works as a ZigBee hub for other Aqara smart home devices
• Wired and indoor-only

Why Choose Apple HomeKit Secure Video?

If you’re buying a HomeKit camera in 2022, you should definitely look for one that supports their newest security feature, HomeKit Secure Video. This is different to devices that work with HomeKit and I’ll explain why here.

This technology uses Apple’s existing iCloud infrastructure to securely store and process your footage which is excellent for privacy whilst still making it easily accessible.

Before this technology, your camera manufacturer would usually process and upload clips to their cloud, however, with HomeKit Secure Video, the footage is processed on your HomeKit hub in your home and encrypted locally before being uploaded.

Not only is this much more secure, but the cameras can take advantage of Apple’s processing technology to use them as motion detectors, light sensors, and facial recognition. In addition, HomeKit Secure Video cameras are simple to set up as you can do it directly in the Home app without any third party app requirements.

To take advantage of the technology, you will need to have a HomeKit hub (such as an iPad, HomePod speaker, or Apple TV) and an iCloud account, both of which you probably already have.

Best HomeKit Secure Video Cameras UK

The best security cameras with HomeKit Secure Video available in the UK are:

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the key features that make these recommendations unique and my full pros and cons for each device.

At the end of the article, I’ve put together a comparison table where you can look at the specs side-by-side.

Best Overall: Eufycam 2C Pro


High 2k resolution
Built-in spotlight for use at night
Wireless with a 6-month battery life


Frame rate of 15fps is below average
Two-way audio only works via the native Eufyhome app (not Apple Home)

The Eufycam range was already one of my favourite security cameras but the addition of HomeKit Secure Video was just the icing on the cake.

There are four devices in their second generation of devices with the Eufycam 2C Pro having the best specs and taking my number one spot.

It is the only HomeKit camera currently on the market that features 2k resolution and it also has a built-in spotlight that improves the footage at night. However, it does have a fairly low frame rate of 15fps to compensate for the high resolution. If the frame rate is important, see the Eufycam 2 below.

The camera also has 2-way audio, however, this only works with their native Eufyhome app and cannot be used via the Apple Home app which is a shame.

The cameras are wireless and have an excellent 6-month battery life thanks to the low energy bandwidth they use. However, this does mean that you have to use them with the included Eufy Homebase as well as the Homepod so you’ll have lots of hubs lying around.

Note that although HomeKit Secure Video only requires iOS 13.2, Eufy recommend you upgrade to iOS 13.4 for the Eufycam to work effectively.

Runner Up: Logitech Circle View


Wide viewing angle of 180 °
Suitable for indoors and outside
Crisp video day and night


No support for other voice assistants
Wired only

In my runner up spot is the Logitech Circle View camera which has been created especially for HomeKit Secure Video. It has 1080p HD video quality and the widest viewing angle of any HomeKit camera at 180° which gives you a rounded view.

With an IP64 rating, the camera is weatherproof so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If using it indoors, it has been designed so it can easily be tilted down when you want additional privacy.

The device is wired only which might be a good thing depending upon your needs. Installation is harder as you’ll need a power cable where you want it placed, although you will never need to change the battery. It also uses Wi-Fi so you’ll need to ensure it is within range of your router.

The Logitech Circle View has been designed for Apple HomeKit so there is no support for Alexa or Google Assistant if you ever decide to change ecosystems.

Best Indoor Camera: Aqara


Doubles up as a ZigBee hub for other Aqara devices
Good price tag compared to other cameras
SD card provides local storage back-up


Indoor only
Wired only

Next up is the Aqara which is an excellent indoor wired camera. It’s very reminiscent of the Eve cam which was the first camera with HomeKit secure video launched back in 2020, only it’s got several additional features and a much friendlier price tag which makes it far more accessible.

The camera is 1080p and has a frame rate of 24fps which is very standard for an indoor security camera. It has a decent 140° viewing angle and a helpful magnetic base which makes installation very easy, although you will need to make sure it’s near a power outlet which can sometimes be limiting.

The camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to your local network and your HomeKit hub, however, it also works as a ZigBee hub for other Aqara products such as their door sensors, air quality sensors, and water leak sensors. The downside is that it won’t work with other brands of ZigBee products which is a shame.

Once you have added the camera to HomeKit, it appears as both a camera and a motion sensor so you can easily use it in automations. On top of the HomeKit secure video integration, it also has a micro SD card slot for local storage, although you’ll need to remove the card to watch the footage back so it’s best when used with HomeKit.

The final thing to mention about this camera is the price, it’s incredibly good value for money, especially if you plan to expand into other Aqara products.

Best for Outdoor Security: Netatmo


Replace your existing floodlight with a smart upgrade
Includes a siren and two-way audio for added security
Sync footage to dropbox account too


Wired only

If you’re planning to use your smart camera outdoors for home security, the Netatmo outdoor smart camera is a great choice that works with HomeKit Secure video.

It’s great for security because it has a built-in floodlight, two-way audio, and a siren which can help deter unwanted visitors as well as improving the video quality at night. There’s also a model without the siren which will save you around £10 if you won’t use it.

Due to the extra power requirements of the floodlight, this camera is wired so you’ll need to install power cables which might be a bit more trouble. If you already have a floodlight, this would make a great upgrade.

The Netatmo also works with Alexa and Google Assistant which is ideal if you use multiple voice assistants or have a change of heart at a later date.

The device is more expensive than all the others here, however, you don’t need any dedicated hub as it connects straight to your Wi-Fi router. This does mean that you’ll need your camera in range of your router which may be a problem if you have a larger home.

I also featured this device in my guide to the best cameras without subscription due to its ability to sync your footage to Dropbox. This isn’t as secure as using Apple’s iCloud, however, it’s great if you ever want to cut down on your expenses.

Best Value: Eufycam 2


Cheaper alternative to the top-of-the-range 2C Pro
Similar features including HomeKit Secure Video
Higher frame rate than 2C Pro


Lower resolution of 1080p HD
No spotlight on device

If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, the Eufycam 2 is the lowest spec device in the second generation Eufycam range but still offers good performance and great value for money.

Like the Eufycam 2C Pro, the Eufycam 2 has full integration with HomeKit Secure Video for use as a motion detector as well as secure storage and live feeds in the Home app. However, the main difference between the two is the quality of the camera.

The Eufycam 2 only has a resolution of 1080p HD whereas the device shared in the top spot earlier was full 2k. There’s also no spotlight on the Eufycam 2. Aside from these major differences, you’re getting a decent, reliable camera.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table so you can see the specs for each camera side-by-side:

Eufycam 2C ProLogitech Circle ViewAqaraNetatmo Outdoor camera with FloodlightEufycam 2
Best OverallRunner UpBest for IndoorsBest for SecuirtyBudget Pick
Frame Rate15fps30fps24fpsUnknown24fps
IP RatingIP67IP64UnknownUnknownIP67
Indoors/OutdoorsIndoor + OutdoorIndoor + OutdoorIndoor onlyIndoor + OutdoorIndoor + Outdoor
PowerWireless - 6 months battery lifeWiredWiredWiredWireless - 1 year battery life
Viewing Angle135°180°140°100°140°
Where to BuyAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon


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