6 Best Smart Alarm Clocks for Alexa & Google Assistant [UK Guide]

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If you’re hoping to make your bedroom smarter, then one of the must-have devices is a smart alarm clock. In this guide, I’ll share all of the devices currently available in the UK and share my thoughts about which one you should pick up in 2022.

Quick Summary

Here are my top 3 picks, keep reading for the full list below:

Image Summary  
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Best for Alexa: Echo Spot
• Full access to Alexa voice commands
• Small and discreet on your bedside table
• 2.5″ touch screen can be used for controlling media without voice
Best for Google Assistant: Nest Hub
• Full access to Google Assistant commands
• Use the full-colour display for video, checking in on camera feeds, and video calls
Runner Up: Lenovo Smart Clock Essential
• Blends in just like a traditional alarm clock
• Affordable choice
• Easy-to-read display

Quick Tips for Using a Smart Alarm

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your smart alarm clock:

  • Set alarms with your voice by saying “Alexa, set an alarm for [time]” (same with Google Assistant).
  • Use Alexa routines to set an alarm for sunrise or X minutes past sunrise.
  • Have your smart alarm clock play your favorite artists, playlist, radio station, podcast, or genre each morning instead of a boring alarm sound.
  • If using one of the Echo recommendations, use Alexa’s new adaptive volume feature to ensure she responds at an appropriate volume for the time of day.
  • Use your smart alarm clock as a white noise machine if you need some background sounds to help you sleep.

Best Smart Alarm Clocks

The best smart alarm clocks for Alexa and Google Assistant in the UK are:

Keep reading for reviews of my recommendations along with the advantages and disadvantages of each clock.

Best for Alexa: Amazon Echo Spot


Access Alexa’s full capabilities
Fits perfectly on bedside table
Round design mimics a traditional alarm clock


More expensive than an Echo Show
Round screen crops most video

My top smart alarm clock for Alexa users is the Amazon Echo Spot. It has similar functionality to an Echo smart speaker, only it has a small 2.5” circular screen which displays a clock when in standby mode or can be used to show you what music is playing, the weather forecast, for video calls, etc.

Using Alexa, you can set as many custom alarms as you wish and choose which song, genre, or playlist you want to wake up to via any streaming service connected in the Alexa app.

At 10.4 x 9.7 x 9.1cm (4.1 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches), the small clock will fit neatly on your bedside table and looks very much like a traditional alarm clock which I like.

It does have a built-in camera that can be used for video calls although this may raise privacy concerns for some people, especially when used in a bedroom.

Runner Up for Alexa: Amazon Echo Show 5


Cheaper than an Echo Spot
Can also watch video on the screen
Adaptive brightness and volume


Quite large for a bedside cabinet

In my second spot for Alexa users is the smallest smart display from Amazon, the Echo Show 5. The voice features on this are identical to the Echo Spot, however, the larger rectangular screen adds extra functionality such as the ability to watch videos, browse photos, get visual results from the internet, and access skills that use the full screen.

It also has a louder speaker inside which is handy if you listen to a lot of music in your room.

Add the fact that it’s cheaper than the Echo Spot and you’re probably wondering why it’s in a meagre second place? Well, this comes down to its size. The Echo Show 5 is the smallest Echo Show but it’s still 40% wider than the Echo Spot, plus it’s taller and deeper too.

If you only have a small bedside table like me, then the Echo Spot will fit much more snuggly and overall just looks more like a clock than a screen.

Best for Google Assistant: Google Nest Hub


Full access to Google Assistant
Use the screen for watching videos, viewing your smart cameras, and video calling
Looks like a photo frame during the day


Might be too advanced for a bedroom alarm clock
More expensive than the Lenovo alarm clock (see next recommendation)

If you opt for Google’s smart home ecosystem instead, then the Google Nest Hub is my recommended smart alarm clock. It has a 7” touch screen and a crisp speaker built-in. When not in use,

With the Nest Hub smart display, you’ll get full access to Google Assistant as well as a Chromecast-enabled smart speaker and display. This means you can easily cast your favourite music, podcasts, tv shows, or music to the display.

This makes a great alarm clock thanks to their Ambient EQ feature which adjusts the brightness and colour temperature of the screen to match its surroundings. Using the light sensor on top, the Nest Hub can switch its ambient display between showing photos and low-light mode.

This is ideal for use as an alarm clock on your bedside table because it looks like a photo frame during the day and mimics a dumb alarm clock at night.

Runner Up for Google Assistant: Lenovo Smart Clock Essential


Similar easy-to-read style as a traditional alarm clock
Full access to Google Assistant voice commands
Built-in USB port


Screen cannot be used for videos like the Nest Hub shared earlier

Lenovo make two Google Assistant-enabled alarm clocks designed for the bedroom. The standard clock has a full colour touchscreen and the Essential version (shown here) has opted for an LED display that’s more aligned with a traditional alarm clock.

Personally, I think the Essential version is a better choice because it’s easier to read when you wake up at night and fits better with the décor of a bedroom.

Both devices have full access to Google Assistant for playing music, podcasts, and audiobooks on the built-in speaker. You can also ask questions, control your smart home, and set morning alarms, all with your voice.

Although you can control other Chromecast devices that you might have in your bedroom using Google Assistant, the clock itself cannot be used as a Chromecast which is a big shame. If you want this feature, you’ll need the Google Nest Hub mentioned above or the higher-spec Lenovo Smart Display.

Unlike most of the previous devices, this one doesn’t have a camera which removes any privacy concerns.

The device also has a built-in nightlight and a USB port for charging your phone while you sleep. This is helpful if you are limited by the number of power sockets near your bed. Both the standard and Essentials versions of the device are incredibly well priced too.

Great Value: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock


Cheapest option for Alexa users
Simple clock display with adaptive brightness
Excellent speaker inside


Miss out on features of a smart display
More bulky than an Echo Spot

Although the Echo Show 5 is very affordable, if you want something even cheaper then Amazon has an Echo Dot with a built-in digital clock.

The Echo Dot has been redesigned for the 4th generation, they have moved away from the short cylinder shape of previous devices and move to a full sphere which looks very visually pleasing.

Unfortunately, the clock is very basic when compared with the screens on the previous devices, it’s just a regular digital clock. However, it does adjust its brightness according to the room so you won’t be blinded when you check the time at 4am.

Although the audio quality is nothing to shout home about, Amazon have kept the 3.5mm audio out jack on the speaker so you can plug it into a better speaker if you have one nearby.

Best for Spotify: LEMEGA Radio & Clock


Connect to Spotify for music streaming and custom alarms
DAB digital radio
Simple to use


Does not work with Google Assistant or Alexa
No voice control

If you’re not looking to use Alexa or Google Assistant but are just interested in waking up to your preferred Spotify playlist or radio station, the LEMEGA is a great choice.

With a Wi-Fi connection and Spotify Connect, you can stream playlists, podcasts, and more. It also has a full DAB digital radio so you’ll never run out of things to listen to. You can set any of these as your morning alarm too.

The device has a screen which can show the time and has dual alarms which allow you to set different alarms for weekdays and weekends. Although, this doesn’t compare to the advanced alarm capabilities of the Alexa and Google Assistant devices previously shared.

The downside to this device is its size. You won’t be able to fit it on a small bedside table so it will need to go elsewhere in your bedroom.


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