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If you’re a coffee lover and a smart home addict like me, then you’ll definitely want to make sure a coffee machine is the next smart kitchen gadget you invest in.

Whilst it’s still quite a stretch to see a day where Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons is waiting for our beckoning call. We’re getting much closer and these devices will allow you to ask Alexa to make you a coffee, pretty neat!

There’s still quite a limited range in the UK, with devices like the Nespresso Expert still not making it to our shores. However, I’ve pulled together the best smart coffee machines that are currently available here and will keep this updated as new products are launched.

Quick Summary

Image Summary  
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Best Overall: Smarter Coffee
  • Bean-to-cup filter coffee machine.
  • Change settings and brew coffee from the app.
  • Integrates with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

How to Choose a Smart Coffee Machine

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when deciding which machine to buy:

  • Type of Coffee Machine – When buying any coffee machine, smart or otherwise, you’ll need to consider the type of machine you want. Unfortunately, there aren’t any smart coffee pod machines in the UK just yet, so you’ll have to choose between drip coffee and espresso machines. The drip coffee has a simple flavour and best drunk black, whereas espresso is often stronger, more intense, and usually served with frothed milk.
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – All of the smart machines below have companion apps, however, some have built-in Wi-Fi and others use Bluetooth. For Bluetooth, you’ll need to be in range of the machine to use the app and you won’t have access to voice assistants as you would with Wi-Fi connected machines.
  • Milk Frother – Espresso machines will usually have a milk frother, consider whether you want this to be manual or automatic. If you’re looking for a completely automated experience, ensure it has an automatic milk frother.
  • Coffee Beans vs Ground Coffee – Consider whether you’ll be using coffee beans or ground coffee in your machine before you buy. With coffee beans, you’ll get the freshest coffee every time and will have access to a variety of settings to suit your taste preferences.

Best Smart Coffee Machines

These are the 4 best smart coffee machines in the UK:

Below, I have shared more details about each machine along with my own review that should help you find the best machine for your needs.

Best Overall: Smarter Coffee


Excellent voice control via Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT
Very affordable compared to other smart coffee machines
Geofencing and scheduling features are better than any other device I reviewed


Only makes filter coffee – you can’t make Lattes, Cappuccinos, etc
My Rating👍👍👍👍
Water Tank1.5L
Milk FrotherNo
Smart Home IntegrationAlexa, Google Home, IFTTT

My favourite smart coffee machine is from Smarter Coffee. They have combined great tasting coffee, customisation, and smart technology into a great product, plus it’s very affordable compared to the other machines currently available in the UK.

It’s a bean-to-cup filter coffee machine so takes longer than an espresso machine, this is why having added smarts is so beneficial as you can use the app to ensure your coffee is brewing and waiting for you when you want it.

It’s a very simple coffee machine with limited customisation. You can choose between using coffee beans in the hopper or ground coffee. If you’re using beans, you can also adjust the strength and coarseness to your liking, but this is about all of the customisation so the machine wouldn’t be suited to coffee connoisseurs looking for optimum taste.

However, where the machine excels and the reason for it winning my top spot is the smart technology inside. The companion app is easy to use and can be controlled from multiple apps so works well for sharing with the family or flatmates. It can be used to change the settings and initiate a brew.

You’ll have no problem integrating it into your smart home thanks to Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT support. Geolocation mode can start the brewing when you get close to home so you can have a drink as soon as you get home.

The machine has a 1.5L water tank, the water meter shows when it needs refilling or you can see this in the app too. The machine is easy to maintain, the mesh coffee filter is washable which saves investing in new filters and there are clear cleaning instructions in the app.

Best Espresso Machine: Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine


Excellent coffee – machine will automatically prepare 21 different drinks
Integrated milk frother creates the perfect drink each time
Control via the companion app


Expensive compared to the Smarter Coffee machine
No integration with other smart home devices or ecosystems
My Rating👍👍👍
Water Tank1.8L
Milk FrotherYes
Smart Home IntegrationNo

Two bean hoppers which you can select when choosing your coffee and there’s also space for pre-ground beans if that’s your preference.

There are quick select buttons on the front which you can configure to your favourite coffee and you can create multip;e user profiles. However, smart home geeks will be more intrigued to learn about the companion app Melitta® Connect app.

This allows you to access all the settings for user-profiles and quick select buttons, provides helpful cleaning instructions, and allows you to initiate a coffee. The app has had bad ratings as it struggled to maintain a connection to the machine, however, an update in early 2021 appears to have resolved this.

It has an integrated milk frother which will automatically froth the milk and add it to your drink without any intervention from the user.

The machine will warn you when the beans are low, although I would have liked to see similar warnings for water and milk, especially if you’ll be making the coffee remotely via the app.

Best Taste: De’longhi Prima Donna Soul


Choose this if you want professional grade coffee
Choose bean combination and strength to suit your taste and save to your profile
21 different drink choices to choose from


It doesn’t have Wi-Fi so you can’t connect remotely or use voice assistants
Most expensive
My Rating👍👍👍
Water Tank2.2L
Milk FrotherYes
Smart Home IntegrationNo

The Italian brand, De’longhi, is one of the most popular coffee machine brands in the UK.

If top-notch coffee is a priority, the DELONGHI Prima Donna Soul is a great pick. However, this does come at the expense of smart features which are somewhat limited compared to the previous two devices.

You can use the machine with both coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. The included bean selection cards are very helpful to ensure you use the correct types of beans for the settings.

It connects to your phone with the DELONGHI coffee link app. It’s one of the simplest coffee machines to use and comes with everything you need to set it up and maintain it.

Similar to the Melitta machine above, it has an integrated milk frother. The machine will adjust the froth temperature and settings according to the drink. I like that the machine is suitable for dairy-free milk too which is a growing trend.

The Delonghi will customise the bean aroma and strength according to your preference thanks to their bean adapt technology. I love that you can set individual profiles once you have found a coffee that suits you, it’s possible to set up to 5 per machine so everyone in the house can have one.

Unfortunately, the machine does not have Wi-Fi so connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This means that you need to be within range to control the machine so you can’t set it to make you a coffee while you’re on your way home. There’s also no voice assistant support such as Alexa or Google Home which is a real shame for such an expensive machine.

Best Built-In Coffee Machine: Bosch CTL636ES6 Serie 8


Can be controlled remotely and with Alexa
Integrates with your smart home and voice assistants via Bosch’s Home Connect app
Large water tank so it won’t need to be filled as often


Needs to be built-in to your kitchen
My Rating👍👍👍
Water Tank2.4L
Milk FrotherYes
Smart Home IntegrationYes

If you’re looking for a built-in coffee machine that will seamlessly blend in with your kitchen, Bosch is the brand to turn to. Their CTL636ES6 Serie 8 coffee machine has been designed to fit neatly in your kitchen amongst your other appliances and it looks very

It has a mammoth 2.4L tank which far exceeds the previous devices I’ve shared, however, it’s also much larger and would need to be planned into your kitchen set up well in advance.

As for smarts, it can be controlled via the Home Connect app which is also used for other Bosch connected appliances such as their fridges and ovens. The app allows you to

Similar to the Smarter Coffee machine that was awarded the top spot, this Bosch device also uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. That means you can control the machine remotely and also allows it to be controlled with voice assistants.

For example, you can say “Alexa, ask my coffee machine for an espresso” or “Alexa, tell my coffee machine to make a large, strong cappuccino”.

Are Smart Coffee Machines Worth It?

Given how expensive some of the smart coffee machines are, you might be wondering whether they are worthwhile. Well, that entirely depends upon your uses for it.

If you’re after advanced features like making a coffee with your voice or when you leave work to come home, then a smart coffee machine will be worthwhile. However, keep in mind that many traditional coffee machines have programmable timers if you can make do with more limited automation.

Another great use for a smart coffee machine is to save buying out so regularly. For example, if you could pop home from work to grab a coffee and have it waiting for you rather than paying £3 every day in Starbucks, then you’ll quickly make back that investment in savings.


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