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When buying a video doorbell with a monitor, you were previously limited to a dedicated wired set, often without Wi-Fi or smart features.

However, many smart displays can now double up as a monitor for your video doorbell, which opens the world to using popular brands such as Ring and Nest.

Plus, your smart display is useful far beyond being a monitor for your video doorbell, it can be used to play media, control smart home appliances and retrieve information from the internet.

Types of Video Doorbell with Monitor

Before jumping into the product recommendations, it’s worth just highlighting the two types of devices I’ll be sharing:

  • Video doorbell with smart display – This involves buying two separate devices that can be paired together to function as a video doorbell and monitor. They will communicate with each other via the internet. You’ll need to buy both devices separately.
  • Integrated video doorbell and monitor – This is where you buy a single product that includes both a video doorbell and a screen. They will communicate with each other directly, rather than over the internet. You’ll only need to buy one product.

Best Video Doorbells with Monitor

Here are my top recommended video doorbells with a monitor:

Some will require purchasing the doorbell and monitor separately. Below are my full reviews of each recommendation.

Best Overall: Ring 3 with Echo Show

Ring doorbell and Echo Show monitor have more integrations than other devices
Use the Echo Show’s microphone to converse with visitors
Ask Alexa to show the latest recording on the Echo Show screen
Subscription to Ring Protect needed to make the most of the doorbell
Monitor can only be used over Wi-Fi

Note: You’ll need to buy the Ring 3 and Echo Show separately, both the links are above.

Ring 3 is one of the most popular video doorbells currently on the market. Being owned by Amazon, it works well with Amazon’s Echo Show smart display.

When someone presses the doorbell, the livestream from the doorbell’s camera will appear on the screen of the Echo Show. You can then choose to answer the doorbell and speak with the visitor using the Echo show’s microphone and speaker.

In addition to the monitor, you’ll receive notifications to your phone when the bell rings, this can be answered even whilst you’re away from home so you can speak with the visitor no matter where you are.

Whenever motion is detected or the doorbell is rung, the doorbell will start recording. You can also use the monitor of the Echo Show to watch your last recording, simply ask Alexa to show it to you. All previous recordings can be viewed in the Ring app or via their website.

The Ring 3 is very competitively priced and available as a battery or hard-wired device. However, to make full use of the doorbell, you’ll need to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan which offers cloud storage as there is no local storage option.

Runner Up: Nest Hello with Nest Hub

Nest Hello doorbell pairs with Nest Hub for two way audio
Pre-set responses
Can also stream the doorbell to Chromecast devices.
Nest Aware subscription required for most feature
Relies on Wi-Fi for the screen
Wired option only

Note: You’ll need to buy the Nest Hello and Nest Hub separately, both links are above.

Google’s Nest Hello integrates really well with their Nest Hub smart screens. Once the two have been connected, you can receive a live stream of the door when someone presses it and interact with them by speaking to your Nest Hub.

Where the Nest Hello is slightly better than the Ring 3 mentioned earlier is the familiar faces feature. This allows the Nest Hub to announce your visitor by name if they are a frequent visitor and you’d added their name in the app.

One feature that the Nest Hello has is pre-recorded messages for when you don’t want to answer the door. There are 3 pre-set responses to choose between.

As with Ring, you can answer the door from anywhere using the app and you can also watch back any footage it has recorded. However, unlike the Ring, you can’t review footage using the monitor on the Nest Hub, so you’ll need to resort to the phone app for this.

Keep in mind that you will need a subscription to Nest Aware in order to make full use of the device. Keep reading for an option without any monthly fees.

Affordable Pick: Arlo with Echo Show

Calls you phone like a video call when doorbell is rung
Great if you have other Arlo/Netgear security devices
Local storage if you have an Arlo smart hub
Integrates well with Alexa for use of Echo Show as monitor
Arlo smart subscription required for some AI features and cloud storage
No two-way audio via Echo Show
Relies on Wi-Fi for the screen

Note: You’ll need to buy the Arlo doorbell and Echo Show separately, both links are above.

Arlo has fast become one of my favourite video doorbells, but it’s made even better when combined with the Echo Show.

You’ll have access to some of the same features as the Ring doorbell such as asking the Echo Show to bring up the live feed of your door whenever you like. However, you can’t yet speak to your visitor using the Echo Show, you’ll need to use the mobile phone app for this.

I particularly like that this doorbell calls your phone just like a video call when someone is at your front door, rather than using notifications like other devices. This makes it much simpler to answer and is great for anyone not so good with technology.

With Arlo, you can choose certain areas of your doorbell’s camera to focus on for motion detection and the AI can tell the difference between people, animals, and cars. However, you will need a subscription for both of these features.

The Arlo video doorbell works great if you have other Arlo cameras in your home. If you have an Arlo smart hub, you can store recordings from your Arlo doorbell and any Arlo cameras on a hard drive, so you no longer need a subscription.

Best Without Subscription: Eufy Doorbell with Echo Show

Battery power or hardwired option
All features can be used without monthly fees
View doorbell whenever you like by asking your Echo Show
Livestream doesn’t appear automatically on screen when doorbell rings
No two-way audio via Echo Show
Requires Wi-Fi to use the screen

Note: You’ll need to buy the Eufy video doorbell and Echo Show separately, both links are above.

If you don’t want any ongoing fees, then the combination of a Eufy and Echo Show makes the best video doorbell with monitor combination.

The doorbell itself has a 2k resolution and all the standard features you’d expect. It’s available as both a battery and hard-wired version.

I prefer the battery-powered version of the doorbell, this has a companion base that sits inside your home and stores your footage on an SD card, removing the need to pay for cloud storage. It also has an excellent battery life that outperforms most of those here.

When you pair the Eufy with an Echo Show, you can simply ask Alexa to show the doorbell for a live stream of the footage. Unfortunately, there’s no two-way conversations using the Echo Show, you’ll need to use the phone app to access this.

Integrated Doorbell and Monitor: TMEZON

10 inch monitor is bigger than others shared here
Dedicated device can be less confusing to use
All footage saved on SD card – no ongoing costs
Still works without Wi-Fi
No voice control
Hardwired doorbell only – no battery option

If you’d prefer an old school approach with a dedicated doorbell and monitor, then TMEZON devices are a popular choice. With a dedicated device, you’ll have a no-hassle setup and won’t be as reliant on WiFi or third-party services.

There are dedicated buttons on the screen to check in on the doorbell and it includes a two-way intercom. All footage is recorded and saved to the local SD card which can be reviewed on the 10 inch monitor (larger than all other monitors here).

The latest generation of TMEZON devices have Wi-Fi built-in, which allows you to receive alerts on your phone as with other video doorbells. However, there is no motion detection for this device, it is only activated via the doorbell being pressed, much like a traditional doorbell.

Note that the doorbell can only be powered via a wired connection, there isn’t currently a battery version available.

Wired Connection (No Wi-Fi Required): HFeng

Doesn’t rely on any internet connection
‘Do not disturb’ feature
Has a handheld phone to use as intercom
Can be hard to install due to wiring
Smallest screen of those here

HFeng is another popular video doorbell with a monitor. It has a two-way intercom via the built-in phone on the monitor. It can also be connected to an electric lock so that you can allow your visitor to enter without going to the door yourself.

Unlike other devices, it uses a 100m cable between the doorbell and the monitor, so you aren’t reliant on any internet connection. This means it’s very reliable and will never suffer outages, however, it can also be a bit trickier to install due to additional wiring.

The screen itself is 4.3 inches which is the smallest of those shared here. As it will be wired, the screen will need to be fixed to the wall and can’t be moved.

Other features include infrared cameras doe using the doorbell in the dark and a ‘do not disturb’ feature when you don’t want to be bothered by visitors.


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