45 Alexa Routine Ideas

Alexa seems to become more and more useful every day and thanks to routines Alexa can automate a huge range of tasks, from turning on lights when you enter a room, to more advanced routines like turning down your speakers when you have a phone call. I’ve reached out to my contacts in the community … Read more

Can Alexa Schedule Lights and Music?

Alexa has changed the way things are done in the smart home. Not only can you get things done by simply calling her name, you can add a whole new level of automation. Yes, using Alexa you can schedule your lights and music via routines. You can choose a trigger that activates your lights, music … Read more

Best Wi-Fi Routers for Smart Home [UK Guide]

Your Wi-Fi router sits at the heart of your smart home so it’s understandable that you’re considering upgrading. After all, the free router from your ISP sometimes just won’t cut it. As download speeds seemingly increase every year, it’s important that your router keeps up with our demands and expectations. But, speed isn’t the only … Read more

7 Best Shower Speakers with Alexa

If you like to listen to music via a Bluetooth speaker in the shower, you’ll know that once you’ve chosen your music, you can’t change it without getting your phone wet. Using Alexa, you can choose which music to listen to, take a note when you suddenly have a great idea, ask questions and control … Read more