24 Best Smart Home Devices

There doesn’t seem to be a household appliance that hasn’t been made smart. Some gadgets can significantly improve your life, such as a video doorbell or smart lights, others tend to be a bit more of a gimmick (does anyone really need a Wi-Fi mug or a Bluetooth toothbrush?). One thing you can’t deny is … Read more

What is a Smart Home? How Do They Work?

Just like a smart person is considered to be more intelligent, when we call something smart it generally means that the object is more intelligent than previous versions. However, it can be interpreted differently depending upon the object. For example, a ‘smart garden’ simply means an indoor garden that uses artificial lighting whereas a ‘smart … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Homes

There are few things in life that don’t come with pros and cons, the smart home is no exception. In this guide, I’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of the smart home. The main advantages of a smart home include convenience, energy efficiency, accessibility, and security. Not to mention the fun you can have with … Read more

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