Is Nest Hello Waterproof? (How to Protect Your Doorbell in the UK)

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When placing a piece of tech on the outside of your home, you’ll rightly be concerned about its resistance to the weather. Especially if you live in the UK like me! So, is the Nest Hello video doorbell waterproof?

No, the Nest doorbell is not fully waterproof, but it is splashproof and, according to Google, can withstand all weather and dust. It has an IPX4 rating which means it is resistant to splashes of water from all angles, however you shouldn’t use a jet spray or submerge it in water.

If you do experience any issues with your Nest Hello caused by extreme weather, then you are entitled to a repair, replacement or a refund providing it is within the two-year warranty period.

However, one of the biggest issues caused by the weather isn’t actually water from the rain or snow, it’s glare and heat from the sun. In the rest of this guide, I’ll share some tips for protecting your doorbell from the rain, snow and sun.

Does the Warranty Cover Rain Damage?

As the manufacturer has stated that the product is weatherproof up to IPX4, the warranty will cover any damage resulting from day-to-day weather. However, you should note that hurricanes and floods are considered ‘Acts of God’ so it will be harder to process a claim if this causes the damage.

The warranty lasts two years from the original purchase date of the product and entitles you to a repair or replacement device, in some cases you may also be offered a refund. If you do need to claim on the warranty, you can do so at the Nest help page.

Should I Add Extra Weather Protection to My Video Doorbell?

Even though your Nest Hello is covered by a warranty, if something does go wrong it’s a cumbersome process to get a repair or replacement as you’ll have to take off the existing device to send it back and reinstall a new device when it arrives.

Adding extra waterproofing protection is never a bad idea for that extra piece of mind, especially if your doorbell is fully exposed to rain and snow, without the cover of a porch. As you’ll see in the recommended products below, it usually costs less than £10 for a protective case or hood.

Specially designed doorbell hoods or cases can add protection against rain or snow, but some have a shield to protect your video doorbell from the sun too. The sun can cause even more problems than the rain as it can result in overheating and if it shines directly on the lens, can cause lots of glare and backlighting that make it difficult to use. A waterproof cover with a sun shield can help prevent both rain and sun issues.

Best Waterproof Covers for Nest Hello (UK)

Here are our recommended cases and covers to protect your doorbell from the rain:

Basic Silicone Case

This Nest Hello case is made from high quality silicone and has been designed to perfectly fit over the Nest Hello doorbell to provide protection against weather, dust and UV rays. There are cut out holes around the camera, microphone and speaker to ensure it can continue to function fully.

Installation is easy as it just slips over the doorbell, with holes already made for the camera and bell. No tools are required for this. There are 6 colours to choose from including red, black and white. It’s also great for preventing scratches to your new device.

On the downside, this case does not provide any solution against glare and can result in your device getting warmer than it would without the case so not suitable where there is direct sunlight.

Silicone Case with Sun Shield

This case is very similar to the previous one, only it has a built-in sun shield that adds protection from the sun as well as the other elements. This is helpful for reducing the glare and limiting any false alerts caused by the sunlight.

Like the previous one, this case is also made from durable silicone and is relatively easy to apply by sliding the case over the doorbell. There is also a grey and white version of this case available so it can blend in with your door surround.

Rain Cover

Rather than a case for the doorbell to fit inside, this rain cover sits on the wall and provides protection from above like a hood or roof. It has the benefit of protecting the mount that a silicone case wouldn’t do.

 It’s made from hard wearing plastic that protrudes out over the doorbell, not only does this protect against rain but also helps with glare from the sun. This is a better choice for situations where there is direct sunlight on your doorbell during the summer and heavy rain in winter.

The internal cavity is 80mm wide meaning it can fit any video doorbell that’s less than this (the Nest Hello is 43mm).

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To do this, ensure you fix it directly to a brick wall where possible and avoid attaching to wooden doorways. It’s also vital to keep cables well hidden and ensure your porch is well-lit at night to deter thieves.


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