Is Samsung the Same as Android? [Not Always]

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Samsung and Android are two of the biggest names in technology and you’ll often see both logos side by side on phones and tablets. But, what’s the difference between them? Is Samsung the same as Android?

No, Samsung and Android are different. Samsung is a maker of hardware such as phones, cameras, and TVs whereas Android is the operating system made by Google that runs inside phones and tablets. All of Samsung’s phones and tablets use Android, but other Samsung devices do not. Other manufacturers also make Android devices.

Keep reading for more information about the differences between Samsung and Android, a full list of which Samsung devices use Android and which do not, and how to find out which version of Android your Samsung device is using.

What’s the Difference Between Samsung and Android?

No, Samsung is not the same as Android, although there is a good reason why people can be confused.

Samsung is a device manufacturer, they are based in South Korea but specialize in building physical products which are sold all over the world, these include mobile phones, tablets, cameras, TVs, fridge freezers, and more.

Android is an operating system made by Google that runs inside phones and tablets, it is available for any manufacturer to use.

The two are oftentimes confused because Samsung’s phones and tablets run on Android. However, other Samsung devices do not, for example, their laptops run on Microsoft Windows and their TVs use their own platform called Tizen.

Samsung are the best-known brand that use Android, but they are not the only one. Others include LG, Motorola, Huawei, and Google themselves with their Google Pixel.

Which Samsung Devices Run Android?

Here’s a breakdown of Samsung’s main devices and what operating system they use:

Samsung DeviceOperating System
SmartwatchesWearOS (A version of Android for watches)
LaptopsMicrosoft Windows
TVsTizen OS
CamerasAndroid or Proprietary Systems
Smart Consumer Electronics (e.g. smart fridge)Tizen OS

Note: Samsung smartwatches previously ran on their own system, Tizen, but moved to WearOS (the wearable version of Android) in 2021. Some older devices may still use Tizen.

How To Check Which Android Version is on Your Samsung

Google continue to evolve the Android operating system and it is updated regularly. Samsung will roll these updates out to compatible devices once they are available so you’ll receive several updates during the life of your product.

You can check which version of Android your Samsung device is running with the following instructions:

  • Head to the ‘Settings’ app on your Samsung phone
  • Use the search function to look for ‘Software Information
  • Select ‘Software Information’ and then select it again on the next screen
  • Look for ‘Android Version’ to see which version your phone or tablet is running

It’s always worth updating to the latest edition of Android as they often have improvements to battery performance and security, plus new features.

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No, Samsung is a brand of devices such as phones, tablets, and TVs. Samsung devices use various operating systems such as Tizen, Android, and Microsoft. iOS is an operating system made by Apple but it is only found in Apple devices. Samsung do not make iOS devices.


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