16 Robot Lawn Mower Garage Ideas [DIY and Ready Made]

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There’s a growing trend for robot mower garages, essentially a tiny garage where your mower will live when it’s not out mowing your lawn.

This hides the charging dock out of site to keep your garden looking pristine, but also adds extra protection from the elements. Some owners have opted for hidden garages which helps reduce the chances of your mower being stolen too.

In this guide, I’ve pulled together some epic robot lawn mower garage ideas, including a few that you can purchase ready-made, or some DIY options if you’re feeling innovative.

1. XL Robot Mower Shade

This basic stand is one of the most popular that you see and is very similar to the manufacturer stands that come with some mowers. It’s made from alloy brackets with a polycarbonate protective sheet over the top to protect your mower from the rain.

The garage is best used on grass with the included soil anchors but could also be used on pavement if you can use the anchors between the paving stones. Overall, it’s a sturdy build and will last a while.

2. Carport-Style Robot Mower Garage

This mini carport style robot mower garage is one of the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s made from fir wood that has been treated for weather protection and has a cute felt roof like you might see on a carport.

 It has a two-layer slopped roof that lifts up to give you access inside for reaching the transformer or mains supply. There is no door on the front, although some users have retrofitted an automatic door for that extra special touch.

There are a few different colours and styles available, or you could paint it yourself if you have a specific colour scheme in mind.

3. MOWOUSE Robot Mower Shelter

This premium robot mower shelter has a sleek look that would look very smart by your lawn. It’s made from powder coated flat steel which is popular with outdoor products thanks to it’s sturdiness and weather resistance. It also has an angled roof so that the water drains off and the open style allows plenty of air circulation.

It’s suitable for most small or medium sized robot mowers, including Husqvarna, Bosch Indigo, Worx Landroid S and M, Gardena Sileno, McCulloch and Yardforce (full list of models on the amazon listing page). It comes with heavy duty pegs for clipping down and securing to the ground.

4. Build a Garage Hidden in a Garden Planter

If you want somewhere discreet to keep your robot mower, then check out this video. The owner has built their own planter with robot mower shed in the base.

It has a door on the rear with a PVC curtain which is presumably how the mower gets in. Then on eth front you’ll see wooden flaps across a corner on the front that seem to be spring loaded rather than anything automated. Luckily their mower, the Worx Landroid S-series, is very rugged so manages to push the doors open with ease and they close behind.

5. Flymo Official Robot Mower Garage

If you have a Flymo Easilife robot mower (their next generation mowers recently launched) then you’ll probably know that Flymo also make a ton of accessories, including this shelter.

As it’s made directly by Flymo, it’s a perfect snug fit to your mower that looks neat and tidy. It provides protection against all weather, from rain to the UV rays of the sun.

It has a folding hood that can be lifted up to access your mower and there is a folding door on the back to access the power cables, making installation a breeze. Note that this doesn’t fit their older 1200R model but is compatible with all three Easilife models.

6. Use Natural Materials to Build a Mower Cave

Who say’s you need to be a master carpenter to build the best robot mower garage? This design is simple but looks really great and blends in well with the garden.

Using a pile of flat rocks on each side and what appears to be a paving stone over the top, the owner has then laid grass across the top which was presumably dug up to build the garage.

This video shows a Mcculloch Rob-S600, but with a bit of math, you can make it suitable for any size robot mower. The only point to be aware of is that it will be very difficult to actually reach the base and cables if there are any issues.

7. Galvanized Steel Mower House

If you are really concerned about durability, this garage is the real deal. Not only does it have a design that will never age, but it’s also made from galvanized steel just like a regular garage. Combined with the pitched roof to easily drain water away from the mower,

The garage has been designed to stand firmly on any surface, but also comes with ground pegs to make sure it’s firmly anchored. Be warned, it does come flat packed and takes a long time to put together with lots of screws to fit.

8. Shed-Style Robot Mower Garage

This ready-made shelter looks a lot more like a traditional shed than a garage (featured image shows it in situ). It’s made from Pine wood with a pitched roof that has felt on top for extra protection. One downside of this garage is that the roof doesn’t open up to allow access inside.

It has an open base and doesn’t come with any doors, but you could easily apply some PVC strip curtains if need be. It’s suitable for most medium sized robot lawnmowers including Flymo.

9. DIY Mower Garage Hidden in Base of Shed

You could go all out and create your robot mower garage as part of your regular garage or shed like in this video. The owner has cut a section out of his shed like you would when creating a pet flap and inside you’ll see the housing and door pulley system that shuts the door when the mower is home. This would be one of the cheaper methods to build if you have the space.

The best thing about this idea is that the mower and all connections are really easy to access from inside which is particularly important if your robot mower doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth so that you can use the control panel. The ‘beware of bumblebee’ sign is a nice touch too.

10. Futuristic Robot Lawn Mower Lift

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands (around 5 months to be specific), then this DIY robot mower garage is great inspiration but looked like a real challenge to build.

It has been completely custom designed using a hydraulic lift attached to a metal box. They then dug a whole in the ground to bury the entire system which is remotely operated and well disguised with the same surface as the surrounding area. This one will require a power source in order to power the lifting.

11. Get Creative With a Fun Design

This Gardena robot mower has its very own home thanks to a cleverly built garage that looks like a dolls house. It’s not clear whether the shelter was purposefully built to look like this or whether it was an old dolls house that has been repurposed, but either method would seem to work.

If you don’t want to start from scratch but would like a bit of character, you could purchase one of the basic wooden garages shared earlier and paint a similar design on the side.

12. Add a Contemporary Design Like This DIY Shelter

This next idea brings a contemporary design that you might normally expect on a modern house, only it’s for the robot mower. The single slopped roof still allows the water to run off but uses fake turf on top rather than felt as some of the shop-bought garages do.

The design was made for the Husqvarna robot mower but could easily be adapted to whichever brand you have.

13. Create a Mini Home For you Robot Mower

This WORX Landroid owner has built a mower garage that looks almost like it could be a well-designed doghouse. That’s until you see the mighty mower emerge through the front door.

Judging by the way the door works, the mower pushes it open itself then a pulley system closes the door behind the mower when it returns after. This YouTube video shows a good example of how these work under the hood.

The owner has added an easy access lid where one of the roof panels has a hinge for accessing the mower or the cabling. My favourite thing about this one is how the design matches the house.

14. Utilise the Base of a Garden Storage Unit

This Flymo (named Bob) lives inside the base of a garden storage unit. This would be simple to make if you find a unit of the right dimensions. The door is a simple roller door that doesn’t require any mechanics and can be created with a few pieces of wood and some string.

It’s a highly discreet design that can keep the mower out of sight when not in use. If you try recreating this design, you’ll need to ensure that you can access the charger and cables easily afterwards as this can sometimes be problematic.

15. Another Lift Design, This Time It Blends with the Grass

Here’s another robot lawn mower garage that has an automated lift, only it’s been disguised as part of the grass with a fake turf roof in something that really reminds me of Wallace & Gromit.

Rather than building their own as the previous example, the owner has bought the FeBroLift. Although unfortunately this isn’t available to buy in the UK, so you’ll have to get creative if you want something similar.

16. Camouflage the Doorway in an Unexpected Place

Here’s another example of a robotic mower garage that’s been built into an existing shed, only the owner has gone to extreme lengths to ensure the entrance blends in with their garden in order to keep the mower well hidden.

Watch the video to see how the entrance has been built with a simple pulley system. This is a great way to deter any theft whilst also avoiding the need for an obtrusive charging dock at the edge of your lawn.


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