Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Large Lawns

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Mowing your lawn is no easy task, especially if you have a larger garden. That’s where robot lawn mowers step in to give you a helping hand.

They have long been used for commercial purposes, but now you can get models to use at home. If you have a lawn of 500sqm or more, this article is for you as we’ll share the best robot mowers for large lawns in the UK.

Quick Summary

Here are my top three picks for larger lawns. Keep reading for full reviews and more recommendations.

Image Summary  
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Best Overall: WORX Landroid L100
• For lawns up to 1000sqm with 35% gradient
• Floating blade makes it steady on uneven surfaces
• Add-on modules for longer distance connectivity or GPS (ideal for theft prevention)
Runner Up: Mcculloch ROB R1000
• For lawns up to 1000sqm with 25% gradient
• Security alarm prevents unauthorised tampering and theft
• Bluetooth app means you must be close to operate it
Best for Multiple Lawns: Flymo Easilife 800
• For lawns up to 800sqm with 35% gradient
• Excellent at navigating small passages
• Designed to function across multiple smaller lawns (up to 800sqm total)

Buyers Guide

Here are some of the key things to look out for when buying your new autonomous mower:

Lawn Area

All of the mowers shared here are suitable for larger lawns, however each does still have a maximum lawn size which is determined by a combination of the mowing width, the battery life and the boundary wire included. The lawn area is provided from the manufacturer in sqm, but we have also provided an acre conversion.

Weather Sensors

Whilst all of the robot mowers can be left out in the rain, it’s not always ideal to cut the grass during poor weather so some have onboard weather sensors or can connect to the local forecast in order to schedule mowing appropriately.

App Control

As you’d expect, having a smartphone app is becoming a key competing point for robot lawn mowers with 4 out of the 5 listed below having one. However, not all are equal as some have a WiFi connection which means you can connect to it from anywhere provided you have some WiFi coverage in your garden, whereas others have a Bluetooth connection which means you’ll need to be in close range of the mower to use it.

What To Expect From a Robot Mower

Robot mowers tend to operate in a random path, zig zagging across your lawn until it detects an object in its path or finds the boundary wire. It then proceeds to turn around and zoom off in another direction. Some advanced mowers know where they have been, although most will just keep going for a set time.

You’ll notice that robot mowers do not collect grass, that’s because they do something called mulching. This involves cutting the grass in to tiny clippings that fall into the grass and feed the soil. Not only is mulching good for your soil, but it also means you don’t need to empty away your grass.

For this reason, robot mowers tend to operate daily to keep the grass nice and short, this is different from manually mowing the grass when you tend to do it every month or so.

Best Robot Mowers for Large Lawns

Here are our recommended mowers in the UK that are suitable for larger lawns:

Below are our full reviews of each robot mower to help you choose between them.

Best Overall: WORX Landroid L1000

Floating blade helps keep it steady on uneven ground
Reliable mower with IPX5 rating
Companion app that operates over WiFi (can use from anywhere)
Add-on modules can add extra functionality as you require
Add-on modules sold separately and are expensive

The L1000 is suitable for lawns up to 1000sqm and with a gradient up to 35% which is equivalent to about 20 degrees. It has a 180mm cutting width to help it get around as much of your lawn as possible.

It’s one of the newer WORX Landroid models which was only launched in 2020, this means it has their latest floating deck which sees the blades in a suspended position making them more stable over uneven surfaces. It’s also child and pet friendly as the blades are not accessible without lifting the bot and will stop spinning as soon as it is lifted up.

WORX is currently the only brand suitable for bigger lawns that has a WiFi app, this means you can control your Landroid from anywhere although it will need to receive a WiFi signal to

There are multiple module slots that allow you to add extra functionality by the additional modules (sold separately). With the radio link module, you can create a 2km radius of connectivity to ensure your Landroid is always connected to the WiFi. There is also a GPS tracker module which would be useful for large lawns to ensure you know where it is and to be alerted if it goes outside the geofenced area in case someone tries to steal it.

This is the only WORX to have an IPX5 rating which means it can sustain a water jet, this means it’s more than capable of dealing with the rain and can be cleaned with a hose pipe.

Runner Up: Mcculloch ROB R1000

Suitable for lawns up to 1,000sqm
Operate via a smartphone app or the onboard keypad
Security alarm if you don’t enter PIN before picking it up (prevents theft)
25% gradient is lowest of these models
App is Bluetooth only so you must be nearby to use it

The ROB R1000 is the top tier of the Mcculloch robot lawn mowers, with smaller models for 400sqm and 600sqm.

The R1000 has a 170mm cutting width which is achieved by 3 metal cutting blades that spin underneath. As far as slopes go, the R1000 can manage up to 25% gradient which was the lowest of those reviewed.

For security, it has a loud alarm that goes off when it’s lifted if the PIN code is not entered first, this is a great way to deter thieves who may take advantage of your large property and try to steal it.

There is a companion app that goes with the Mcculloch ROB R1000, this  allows you to set schedules fairly intuitively, however it’s a Bluetooth only app so you will need to be in Bluetooth range of the mower to use this which is a limitation.

The mower does not work well with multiple lawns if there is no gras passage between them. This is possible by putting it in manual mode but it’s not an ideal solution.

Best for Multiple Lawns: Flymo Easilife 800

Use across multiple lawns (providing total area is within 800sqm)
Weather and freeze sensors can help adjust mowing schedule
Settings can be managed from onboard control panel or via app
Narrow cutting width at 160mm
App is Bluetooth connection only (you must be in range)

Flymo is a household name for lawn mowers in the UK, and being owned by Husqvarna means they have a lot of expertise when it comes to garden tools. And that expertise really does show with their newest range of robot lawnmowers; Easilife.

The Easilife range consists of three different mowers, but if you have a large lawn, we recommend the Easilife 800 which has extra battery life to cope with the larger space and comes with extra boundary wire.

The Easilife is an upgrade on their previously successful range that adds smarter featured including an app. This makes it far user friendly to create your routines and change the settings, however it is a Bluetooth app, so you’ll need to be in range of the bot to use it.

With the Easilife, you can choose a regular daily schedule, or you can let the robot use its weather sensors to coordinate when it’s best.

This mower is suitable for any lawns up to 800sqm and the charge point can be placed anywhere around the edge so you can keep it near to your home for when you need to use the app. At 160mm, it’s has one of the narrowest cutting widths.

The Easilife can work over multiple lawns, although you’ll need to manually move it between them.

Budget Pick: Hyundai Robot Mower

Most affordable robot mower for bigger lawns
Choose from 7 cutting heights
Varies the starting point to ensure good coverage
No app – control from onboard panel only

If we told you that a nice new Hyundai could be in front of your home for less than £600 then you be right to be sceptical. The Hyundai robot mower might not be as exciting as a new car, but it certainly has a lot going for it.

It has a 180mm cutting width and the ability to cover large lawns up to 625msq.

Unfortunately there is no app control for this device, so you will need to do things the old fashion way using the on board buttons underneath the hood, but there is a handy screen to help you out.

There are a total of 7 cutting heights between 25-55mm which is consistent with other mowers. The height is also changed via the control panel with a dedicated dial.

The mower will randomly move around your lawn, using four different cutting patterns and varying it’s start points to ensure the greatest coverage. There’s also an edge mode, but as with all robot mowers it doesn’t go right to the edge, so you’ll need to strim once in a while. It also has a rain sensor so that it can return home when it starts raining.

Best for Extra Large Lawns: WORX Landroid L1500

Lawns up to 1,500 sqm (0.37 acres)
Cutting width of 220mm is 20% bigger than any others reviewed
Offset blades help with edge mowing
Most expensive

The L1500 by WORX is a newer and more premium robot mower with some advancements on the M700 shared earlier.

For starters, it has the ability to mow up to 1500sqm, giving it the largest lawn coverage of any domestic robot mower currently available to buy in the UK.

It does this through a better battery life that allows it to operate for longer and thanks to a large 220mm cutting width which is more than 20% wider than the M700. The larger cutting width allows it to cut more grass per meter travelled than any other bot.

There are some other subtle upgrades as well that you might not notice at first, one being the inclusion of a floating deck compared to the fixed deck on the smaller M700. This makes it much better at going over uneven lawns as the blades will keep the deck steady. It also has four wheels as opposed to three which again is aimed at making it more stable on uneven ground.

Similar to the smaller model, it has a 30-60mm cutting height and an o an offset cutting blade which allows it to get closer to the edges than any other robot mower. You can also add the same modules for advanced functionality.

It comes with a two-year warranty or you can extend this to three years if you register it.

Specifications Table

Here is a comparison table with the key specs from the 5 robotic mowers reviewed above:

WORX Landroid L1000Mcculloch ROB R1000Flymo Easilife 800Hyundai Robot MowerWORX Landroid L1500
Lawn Area (sqm)1000m2 (0.25 acres)1000m2 (0.25 acres)800m2 (0.2 acres)625m2 (0.15 acres)1500m2 (0.37 acres)
Cutting Width (mm)180mm170mm160mm180mm220mm
Cutting Height20-60mm20-50mm20-50mm25-55mm20-60mm
Incline35% (19°)25% (14°)35% (19°)30% (16.7°)35% (19°)
Boundary Wire180m200m200m100m200m
App ControlYes (WiFi)Yes (Bluetooth)Yes (Bluetooth)NoYes (WiFi)
Voice ControlYes - Extra ChargeNoNoNoYes - Extra Charge
Where to Buy?Amazon


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