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Robot vacuum cleaners were first to hit the scene, more recently followed by robot mops for those who really don’t like cleaning floors. But now these two worlds have joined forces with the first generation of robot vacuum and mop hybrids – one device to do them both.

The range of 2-in-1 vacuum mops is still limited with only a handful of manufacturers currently producing them. In this guide, I’ll run through all of your options and share my top recommended products.

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Hybrids

The best robot vacuum and mop combo devices are:

Below are my full reviews of each recommendation along with the pros and cons of each.

Best Overall: Roborock S6 Pure

Good amount of pressure placed on the mop to ensure a good clean
Excellent mapping via lasers with ability to view the route via app
Adjust the amount of water used in each zone and set no-mop areas that will just vacuum
Most expensive robot vacuum and mop combo
Water tank capacity is quite small

Suction Power: 2000pa // Mop Tank Capacity: 180ml // Bin Capacity: 480ml // Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously? Yes // Price: ££££

The Roborock S6 Pure is the next generation of Xiaomi’s signature robot vacuum and builds on the hugely successful Roborock S5 MAX that featured in last years round up.

The vacuum has 360-degree laser sensors that allow it to map out the room and set a route accordingly. The routes are very intelligent, so it doesn’t go back on itself unless it needs to cross over to other areas.

The companion app has everything you’d expect such as setting schedules and seeing what maintenance is required, but one of our favourite features is the map which shows the route your Roborock has taken and where is left to clean.

The reason I placed the Roborock as out overall favourite robot and mop hybrid is due to the superior mop. It uses sensors and motors that place pressure on the mop, so you get a decent clean, rather than simply wiping it across the surface.

 As well as giving a great clean, the vacuum and mop can work simultaneously and you can also set no-mop zones or adjust the amount of water used which might be handy if you have tiled floor areas that need more water than laminate floor areas.

The only watch out is that the water tank capacity is slightly below average for a hybrid device, so may need to be topped up more frequently.

Runner Up: Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 920

Vacuum and mop simultaneously
Excellent at manoeuvring between surfaces and coping with rugs
Choose between microfibre cloth or disposable wipes for the mop
Better price point than the Roborock
Mopping not as strong as the Roborock
Loud when vacuuming
Suction not as powerful as other devices, although performance not significantly impacted by this

Suction Power: 1200pa // Mop Tank Capacity: 240ml // Bin Capacity: 460ml // Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously? Yes // Price: £££

This Ecovacs Deebot OMZO 920 2-in-1 has many similarities to the Roborock in terms of its 360-degree lasers that allow it to map out your home and take a logical route. It also has the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time and set no-mop areas so that your carpets don’t get wet.

It does have a lower suction power than the Roborock, but the bin size and water capacity are well matched.

This vacuum is a beast when it comes to raised and lowered surfaces, in part thanks to the suspended wheels and brush that have a fair amount of vertical movement capability. The brush in particular is very efficient as it can apply downward pressure and get into the nooks, this makes up for the lower suction level and ensures a good clean.

Unfortunately, the mopping is a little lack lustre, at least compared to the Roborock in our number one position. This doesn’t apply much pressure, so you’ll end up having a light wipe across the floor rather than a meaningful clean. This is enough to give a good finish but isn’t going to get rid of spillages.

We do, however, like the option of using both a microfibre mopping cloth that sticks on via Velcro, or disposable cloths when we’re feeling lazy.

Ecovacs app is well ahead of competitors, not only is it intuitive to use but has some advanced features including the ability to see a map of where the robot has been but you can set up zones, have multiple floors and set virtual boundaries. In addition, it has all the standard functions such as schedules, changing modes, etc.

Best for Hard Floors: Eufy Robovac G10 Hybrid

Excellent spot cleaning mode
Manages to collect small particles with ease
Leaves mop drips on non-mopping surfaces
Uses infrared, rather than lasers, which is less efficient

Suction Power: 2000pa // Bin Capacity: 500ml // Battery Life: 80 minutes // Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously? No // Price: £££

The Eufy device uses infrared sensors to get around your home and is one of the few Eufy devices that actually manages to map it out. The infrared sensors aren’t as advanced as the laser sensors on the previous two devices, but after a number of cleans you should start to get a decent floor plan that will tell you where has been cleaner.

The device manages to climb up on to mats and carpets fairly easily, however after it has been mopping it can sometimes drip water for a while which could leave wet patches on your carpets. Overall, we’d recommend this device for homes with predominately hardwood floor.

The vacuuming abilities are good, and it manages to collect even small particles, plus with ledge detection it won’t fall down the stairs. It has a great spot cleaning mode where you can set it to go and it will circle outwards to clean the surrounding areas.

The Eufy home app doesn’t have all the high end features that the previous two devices have had so setting up zones or instructing your robot to clean specific areas is out of the question, you can still set schedules and change the power mode. Plus, the device integrates with Google Home and Alexa to start cleaning with your voice.

Best for Pets: Ecovacs U2 Pro

Excellent at tackling pet hair
Can automatically switch between vacuum and mopping
Adjust the water flow of the mopping pad in the app
No mapping or room-by-room cleaning
No recharge-and-resume

Mop Tank Capacity: 300ml // Dust Bin Capacity: 800ml // Battery Life: 150 minutes // Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously? Yes // Price: ££

The U2 Pro from Ecovacs is slightly cheaper than the all-encompassing OZMO 920 shared earlier, but still has excellent vacuuming and mopping performance.

It’s clearly been designed with pet owners in mind as can be seen from the large 800ml dustbin and tangle-free brushes that will make light work of hairs.

It doesn’t have the same mapping technology as the OZMO 920 so you won’t be able to see a floor plan in the app or choose room-by-room cleaning schedules. However, you can still adjust the water flow for the whole home in the app thanks to the OZMO electronic water tank.

As well as the large dust bin, the U2 Pro has a well above average run time of 150 minutes so it should cope well with bigger homes, despite not having recharge-and-resume technology.

Budget Pick: Hosome Robot Vacuum and Mop

Cheapest robot vacuum and mop device that manages to perform a good clean
Quiet at less than 55dB
Works with Alexa and Google Home
Physical barrier tape required to set boundaries, rather than using an app
You have to manually change between vacuum and mopping so that you can switch the dirt bin for a water tank

Suction Power: 1900pa // Mop Tank Capacity: 300ml // Battery Life: 120 minutes // Height: 7.2cm // Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously? No // Price: ££

Our budget pick is the Hosome Robot Vacuum and Mop. Before we jump into its features, we should point out its price tag which is less than half the price of our top pick and over £100 cheaper than our other recommendations, so set your expectations accordingly.

The Hosome uses infrared detection to work out where to go and follows an S-shape pattern to give the best coverage. This is a different approach to the Roborock or the Ecovacs devices which are intelligent enough to map out a room and use the map to clean.

As far as vacuuming goes, it seems to do a reasonable job at picking up the dirt thanks to 1900pa of suction. But it cannot vacuum and mop at the same time as you have to switch out bin tank for the mops water tank so it’s quite manual.

The Hosome is relatively good at avoiding drops such as stairs, but in order to set boundaries, you’ll have to use physical strips of tape rather than something you can set up in the app.

The device works nicely with both Alexa and Google Home so you can start a spot clean simply by asking. The best way to integrate it with the voice assistants and the rest of your smart home is via the smart life app.

Buying Guide for Hybrid Vacuum Mops

If you’re buying a robot vacuum or mop for the first time, here are a few points that you’ll need to think about. If you’ve already purchased one in the past, then you can skip straight to our product recommendations further on.

Suction power

If you’ve ever purchased ay kind of vacuum cleaner before, you’ll know the importance of suction power as an indicator of how well it collects dirt. This is measured in pascals (pa), the higher the better.

However, with robot vacuums, this is only part of the story as you also need to consider how well the brushes sweep the dirt into the suction and whether the air coming out of the back blows dirt around.

Mapping technology

The technology used to direct the robot vacuum mop will greatly impact how well the device covers your home. Laser mapping is the superior technology for an accurate floorplan and rational movements, however infrared cameras and gyroscopes can also be used to create floor plans. The benefits of floor plans is that it allows you to see cleaning coverage and ask it to clean specific areas.

Some older or cheaper robot vacuums are less intelligent and have no mapping capability. They will simply rely on their cameras to navigate the room and bypass objects until it thinks the room is clean.

Bin and water tank capacity

Robot vacuum and mop combo’s will need both a bin for the dirt and a water tank for the mop. You’ll want to check the capacity of each as this will impact the frequency that you have to empty and refill it. Generally, a 500ml bin capacity should last a week in an average sized home, this will be reduced if you have pets.

Does it mop and vacuum simultaneously?

Not all of the devices with both a vacuum and a mop can do both at the same time so it’s worth checking this. We’ve included details on this for each of the below devices.


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