Best Smart Lamps for Bedroom + Living Room

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Adding a smart table lamp to your bedroom or living room can add that extra ambiance whilst still being integrated with your smart home setup.

This allows you to set routines and activate the lights with your voice, perfect for changing the lights without leaving the sofa.

As with smart light bulbs, the market for smart table lamps is dominated by Philips Hue who have a huge range suitable for all occasions. In this guide, we’ve pulled together the best smart lamps for the bed room and living room to help with your decision making.

Best Smart Lamps for the Living Room

Here are our top five smart table lamps for your living room:

Below are my full reviews for each recommendation, along with the pros and cons of each.

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp – Best Overall

A smart table lamp with upper and lower lighting that combine together to create the perfect light effects to suit your mood

Works with Google Home, Alexa and HomeKit
Incredible lighting effects
Bright enough to light up a medium sized living room
Requires Hue bridge hub
Hue Beyond In Situ (Credit: Philips Hue)

As 1000 lumen (equivalent to 56W), this light is bright enough to light up a small to medium sized living room when you need, or it can be dimmed down as feature lighting in the evening.

This light has been really cleverly designed, it has both an upper light and a lower light that combine together to give really nice effects when each is set to a different colour.

You can also get matching ceiling lamps and pendant lamps in the same style to complete your room. It will integrate with all smart home voice assistants but requires the Hue bridge to access all of the functionality.

Philips Hue Wellness Lamp – For relaxation

The Wellness lamp has been specifically designed for relaxation, with tones from warm white to cool daylight.

Soft glow light, perfect for a relaxing mood
Sleek design
Remote control included or works with Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit
White only
Requires a hub

The Philips Hue Wellness table lamp will add both light and style to your room. It puts out 800 lumen, equivalent to 60W, and is cased in a frosted white casing, perfect for adding a soft light glow to your room at night.

This light is white only and doesn’t have access to the 16 million colours of the other Hue products, but with 50,000 shades to choose from you should still be able to capture the right atmosphere.

The black and white design of the lamp will blend with any room and with its small footprint you shouldn’t have a problem finding a home for it.

It’s fully compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home so you can add it to your routines or schedules, but it does require the Hue bridge to work properly.

C by GE Sol – Built in Alexa

Futuristic looking piece of smart home tech with built in Alexa and visual countdown timer or clock.

Built in Alexa and also works with HomeKit and Google Home
Blue light ring provides countdowns and a visual clock
Unintuitive to set up
Not bright enough to light up a whole room

The C by GE light stands out for its interestingly futuristic look. This might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly got us hooked.

Not only does this light work with Alexa, but it has full Alexa functionality built into the device itself which allows you to set timers, ask questions and control other smart home devices connected to your Alexa smart home.

There are two light rings, the outer ring which provides the light, and an inner blue ring which provides visual cues when you interact with Alexa or set timers. The outside light gives off 550 lumen which is equivalent to 60W, this isn’t bright enough to light up your room so serves best as feature lighting.

The light is dimmable with a few different shades of white, but there is no coloured option. Some customers have voiced frustrations over the software in the device, claiming it is difficult to set up and makes you go through the set up process every time you unplug the lamp and plug it back in again.

NAPATEK Smart Desk Lamp – Best Desk Lamp

Smart task lighting for your living room, ideal for a desk or when you need a reading light. Built in Qi charger and USB ports add extra functionality.

Dimmable light between 100-1100 lumen
No hub required
Built in wireless charging and USB slot
Choose between grey, gold and silver base
Not compatible with HomeKit
White light only

If you need task lighting for your living room to use for reading, writing, crafts, etc, then they don’t come smarter than this.

The light has 1100 Lumen (75W equivalent) but can be dimmed as low as 100 lumen making it suitable for a variety of uses. Unlike other smart table lamps here, it is a white light only with no colour changing bulbs.

The lamp connects to your smart home via built in WiFi and can integrate with key services including Alexa, Google Home and Smart life app. Although no HomeKit integration just yet.

It has a few other great features, including a built-in wireless phone charger suitable for iPhones, Samsung and other devices that support Qi wireless charging. Alternatively, it has a built-in fast charging USB port.

Philips Hue Bloom – Best for Mood Setting

This table lamp has been specifically design for living rooms and will wash colour all over your walls for a moody atmosphere.

Adds a great diffused light glow
Works with Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit
Doesn’t produce a significant amount of light
Requires a hub

Hue Bloom In Situ (Credit: Philips Hue)

If you need more subtle lighting, then the Hue Bloom is great for adding extra drama to the room. The Bloom is designed to create a diffused light effect, use it in strategic locations in your living room, such as against the wall behind the TV or sofa, and you’ll instantly add atmosphere to the room.

At 120 lumen (equivalent to 8W) it’s not going to provide a huge amount of light so will work great as part of a crafted set up with other Hue products.

Of course, being part of the Hue family means you’ll have access to the full 16 million colours and all of the scenes setting functions that come with this.

Best Smart Lamps for the Bedroom

Here are our favourite smart table lamps for your bedroom:

Keep reading for my full reviews of these recommendations.

LE Bedside Table Lamp – Best Overall

Our top recommendation for the bedroom is this LE smart bedside lamp that adds a great warm glow to the room with a full colour spectrum to choose from.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
Touch button on top or connect to smart home for voice control
Dimmable white light or 16 million colours to choose from
WiFi – no hub required
Not compatible with HomeKit
Quite dim at 350 lumen

The bedside table lamp from LE can be used as an everyday ambient light or using its dimmable functions is a perfect nightlight for the kid’s bedroom.

It contains LED bulbs with 16 million colours to choose from and can easily be set on timer or added to smart home routines. At it’s brightest, the light puts out 350 lumen, the equivalent to 30W in traditional lighting, so it’s best suited for use as a nightlight for reading or to help the kids sleep.

The simplest way to control this is via voice, it will easily integrate into your existing smart home set up via Google Home or Alexa. But it also has a simple touch switch on top for when you don’t want to wake up people around you.

 The light works via WiFi, do no additional hub is required, although this does also mean the internet will need to be working in order to use its smart features.

Philips Hue Go – Best for Kids

This is the portable device from the Hue range which can last up to 3 hours without being plugged in. You can take it away from home too and use Bluetooth to control it.

2-3 hours battery between charges
Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit
Zigbee or Bluetooth for connection anywhere
Requires hub for smart home integration
Too dim for reading, knitting, etc

The Hue Go is one of the more portable items from within the broad Philips Hue ecosystem and is the perfect smart home device for your bedroom, or any room in fact.

This isn’t enough to bright up the whole room but is great feature lighting to dial down the tone of your busy day and being or it can be put next to the children for added comfort. It’s doesn’t make a great task light due to being only 520lumen (43W equivalent) which is a shame as the portable nature would have made it a great fit for this.

The lithium ion battery allows the light to last between 2-3 hours without being plugged in. Because it also works with Bluetooth, you can actually take it out for use as garden lighting, or use it away from home too. If you want to control the Hue Go with Alexa or other smart assistants, you’ll need to have a Hue bridge hub.

Happyroom Bedside Lamp – Budget Pick

If you need a cheaper option but still want to ensure it has that smart home connectivity, this Happyroom bedside lamp will do the trick.

Budget friendly
Works with Google Home and Alexa
Dimmable and colour changing
No hub required
Not compatible with HomeKit
USB plug – no adaptor included

Although our main pick, the LE bedside lamp, isn’t super expensive, the cost can soon mount up if you’re lighting up every room in the house, so we’ve included this budget pick as an alternative.

It’s a cute oval shaped light that emits enough light to use as a night light but won’t provide enough to light up an entire room. The light is dimmable between 1% and 100%, and you can set it to be any colour you like through the app.

It is WiFi connected allowing it to be controlled through Google Home or Alexa. You can add it to routines, set schedules or timers which makes it ideal for the kids’ room at night. The only downside is that the wall adapter isn’t included, so you’ll need to get a USB adapter if you don’t already have one.

Smart Lamp Buying Guide

Here are the key things to consider when purchasing a smart table lamp:

Does it need a hub?

Depending upon how the lamp connects to the internet will determine if it needs a hub. If they connect via Zigbee, such as the Philips Hue range, they’ll need a hub. Whereas devices that use WiFi can connect directly to the router.

The downside to WiFi is that the device must be in range of the router, whereas Zigbee devices use a mesh network so only need to be in range of one other zigbee device.


All of the smart lamps here use LED bulbs which are far more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. The brightness is measured in lumens but we will provide the equivalent incandescent wattage. A table lamp will typically be dimmer than a rooms main source of light, look for between 500-1000 lumen and ideally dimmable to adjust for your own preference.

Smart home integration

If you already have a smart home setup, you’ll want to ensure it’s compatible. Typically, most smart table lamps will work with Alexa and Google Home, whereas Apple’s HomeKit has more stringent requirements so isn’t as common.


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