Can Alexa Schedule Lights and Music?

Alexa has changed the way things are done in the smart home. Not only can you get things done by simply calling her name, you can add a whole new level of automation. Yes, using Alexa you can schedule your lights and music via routines. You can choose a trigger that activates your lights, music … Read more

Should I Turn Alexa Off at Night?

According to a Which! survey, 60% of Brits turn off their TV at night and many people are asking the question about whether they should turn off Alexa at night too. No, you don’t need to turn Alexa off at night. The only way to turn Alexa off is by unplugging your Echo, however, you’ll … Read more

Complete List of Alexa Commands for Arlo

Arlo is a US home automation company that makes a range of security cameras, lights and more recently, doorbells. Most of it’s signature devices play nicely with smart home assistants and in this guide we’ll share all of the commands for Alexa. Arlo Alexa Skill It only has a 2 star rating after more than … Read more

7 Best Shower Speakers with Alexa

If you like to listen to music via a Bluetooth speaker in the shower, you’ll know that once you’ve chosen your music, you can’t change it without getting your phone wet. Using Alexa, you can choose which music to listen to, take a note when you suddenly have a great idea, ask questions and control … Read more

Complete List of Alexa Commands for Dyson

Dyson is a global leader and innovator in home appliances, and despite founder James Dyson’s scepticism about the internet of things (source) they have started adding smart home integration to many of their newer devices. You can now integrate Dyson smart purifiers and robotic vacuums into your smart home and control them both using just … Read more

Can You Use Alexa Without WiFi?

Alexa has become a part of our family. You listen to songs with her, ask her to wake you up, turn on Light and much more. The AI-based virtual assistant has changed the general dynamics of a modern household. Mundane actions such as switching on the lights, fans or turning on the speaker for listening … Read more

Best Alexa Compatible Light Bulbs and Panels

Amazon’s Alexa has become a huge part of the home and thanks to Alexa skills, you can control almost any smart home device using your voice, including your lights. There are now a ton of smart bulbs that make great Alexa accessories, including from traditional incandescent bulb manufacturers to cheap imported brands. We’ve reviewed all … Read more