16 Best HomeKit Devices and Accessories

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home ecosystem that centres around the Home app and Siri as a voice assistant. If you’re an iPhone and Mac user, chances are that this will be your go-to smart home platform. Due to Apple’s strict requirements for HomeKit devices, there aren’t as many compatible devices as Google and Amazon’s ecosystems, … Read more

Can You Use Alexa and HomeKit Together?

Alexa and HomeKit are two rival smart home platforms from Amazon and Apple respectively. HomeKit isn’t nearly as advanced as Alexa, however, if you have an iPhone in your pocket then HomeKit is an easy choice. If you can’t agree on which voice assistant should control your home, you’ll probably be wondering whether you can … Read more

Best HomeKit Video Doorbells

Apple’s been busy creating its own smart home ecosystem via HomeKit, however the biggest video doorbell manufacturers have yet to add support (looking at your Google and Ring). But, at long last, there is a good range of HomeKit enabled video doorbells and a few really exciting ones on the horizon. In thus guide, I’ll … Read more