11 Best Smart Devices for Your Bathroom [UK Guide]

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The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in the smart home, with manufacturers largely to blame so my list of smart bathroom devices is fairly short compared to other rooms in the home.

Nonetheless, I know my readers are keen to have every room covered so I’ve pulled together this comprehensive list of smart gadgets for the bathroom. I’ll begin with the genuinely useful ideas but you may notice some bizarre inclusions as you move down.

At the end, I’ve also included a wish list of things I’d like to see in smart bathrooms of the future.

Best Smart Devices for Your Bathroom

1. Smart Bathroom Scales

Smart scales are the most useful smart devices for your bathroom. Unlike regular bathroom scales which usually measure weight alone, smart scales tend to have full body composition analysis which gives you a more detailed breakdown of your body fat, muscle mass, etc using bioelectrical impedance analysis.

This gives you a much better picture of your fitness than weight alone or body mass index (BMI) which doesn’t take other factors like your muscle into account.

The second key benefit of smart scales is that they will automatically keep track of your progress via a companion app. Some will use a Bluetooth connection to your phone, whereas the better devices will have built-in Wi-Fi to record the data straight to the cloud.

Top Pick: Withings Body+

The best smart bathroom scales come from Withings who are also responsible for other health tracking devices such as their smartwatch and under-mattress sleep analyser.

The Body+ has full body composition analysis which can be integrated with other health apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

One of my favourite features is the Alexa skill which allows you to ask Alexa how much you weighed on a specific day or how much weight you’ve lost.

2. Smart Ceiling Lighting

As with all rooms in the house, a bathroom can also benefit from some decent smart lighting. There are several types of lighting to consider in a bathroom, first of all, we’ll look at the ceiling and wall lights.

Getting the right ambient lighting in your bathroom is very important, you’ll want your ceiling and wall lights to be bright, at least 1,000 lumens, and with a high colour temperature in the region of 4,000-5,000 kelvins which will give you a useful white.

Remember, all smart bathroom lights need to be IP-rated to ensure they work with all the moisture in the air.

Top Pick: LE Ceiling Light

The LE bathroom ceiling light offers a generous 1250 lumens of light with access to the full-colour spectrum so you can change the mood when you fancy a relaxing bath.

It’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant via the popular Smart Life app so you don’t need to install additional phone apps.

The LE light connects to the internet via Wi-Fi so there’s no need for an additional hub, however, it will need to be in range of your router. The light is IP54 rated which is perfect for use in your bathroom.

3. Smart Vanity Light

Another type of bathroom lighting to consider in your bathroom is vanity lights (or mirror lights).

You want to ensure these lights are as close to daylight as possible, this is so that you get an accurate rendition of your face when applying make-up or brushing your teeth.

According to Shade of Light, look for lights in the region of 2700K – 3000K for vanity lighting.

Top Pick: Philips Hue Adore Mirror Light

There are several budget devices available from Amazon, but if you want a reliable mirror light then you need to splash out on the Philips Hue Adore Mirror Light.

Not only does an illuminated mirror give a certain amount of glamour to your smart bathroom, but it can also make it feel bigger too. Plus, you’ll get a very clear view of your face without any shadows.

If you don’t want to replace your entire mirror, the Hue Adore smart wall light has the same features but can be placed above your existing mirror.

4. Smart Speaker

Do you like to sing in the shower? Me too. But isn’t it annoying when you want to change the track? With a smart speaker in your bathroom, this is no longer a problem as you can simply ask your voice assistant to change it for you.

Not only can you do this, but you’ll have access to all the other features that come with a voice assistant, including checking your calendar, asking questions from the internet, and controlling your smart home devices.

Top Pick: BoomPods

Although Amazon seem to have launched an Echo speaker for every place imaginable, including your car, they’ve not yet released anything suitable for the bathroom.

However, there are several third-party brands with smart shower speakers.

If you’re an Alexa user, my top pick is the BoomPod Aquablaster which has Alexa functionality baked right in. It does rely on a Bluetooth connection to your phone for the internet though.

For Siri and Google Assistant users, the JBL Clip is a good choice. However, it doesn’t have the voice assistants built-in and simply works via your phone’s microphone.

5. Smart Mirror

Given that it’s been over two decades since the concept of a smart mirror was introduced in the Sci-Fi film The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger, you might think we’d have them sorted by now.

Unfortunately, true smart mirrors with built-in screens and a Wi-Fi connection are still in their infancy and many have mixed reviews. But, for those people who have managed to get themselves a good set-up, enjoying a Netflix series in a warm bath is now a simple pleasure.

Note: Watch out as some manufacturers refer to a mirror with a smart light as a ‘smart mirror’ but we all want a little bit more than that.

Top Pick: Soulaca

One company that seems to be heading in the right direction is Soulca with a smart bathroom mirror TV that features Freeview and all your favourite apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

It’s available in 22”, 27”, and 32” and runs on Android. There are HDMI ports on the rear so you can connect a Chromecast or Firestick to add voice control when paired with a smart speaker.

Even at several hundred pounds, this device still has a downfall as the picture quality isn’t great and the sound is tinny so you’ll probably want to use it with some ceiling speakers or a smart shower speaker (the TV has Bluetooth too).

Alternatively, if you enjoy getting a bit techy, a Google engineer created his own DIY smart mirror prototype and explains how he did it in this Medium blog.

6. Smart Light Strip

I’ve already mentioned the standard lights for your bathroom and how they can have a smart upgrade. But you can take the ambience to the next level with a smart light strip.

Place one of these around your bath, behind your mirror, or around the ceiling to enhance your bathroom and add a futuristic feel. You’ll need to get one designed for outdoors since it must be water-resistant.

Look for one that has a full spectrum of colours available so that you can set the mood appropriately for some relaxation time.

Top Pick: Innr

My favourite water-resistant LED light strip comes from Innr. This is unique because it is a smooth strip of lights rather than individually spaced lights as most of the brands offer. It’s full RGB colour and works with Alexa/Google Assistant.

However, it is a ZigBee device rather than Wi-Fi, so you’ll need a compatible bridge that can include the Smart Things Hub, Amazon Echo (one with a built-in hub), Philips Hue bridge, or the Innr bridge.

If you don’t have a bridge and don’t fancy investing in one, check out Govee which connects directly to your router instead.

7. Motion Sensor

Bathrooms in the UK don’t tend to have standard light switches, opting for pull-down cords instead. A better alternative to this in the world of smart devices is a motion sensor that can turn the lights on when someone is present.

By pairing the motion sensor with a smart light such as those shared earlier, you can create a routine for Alexa or Google Home to turn the light on when it detects movement.

Another benefit of this over a smart light switch is that it saves energy as the light will never be left on when nobody is using it.

You’ll need to pick a motion sensor that works with your smart home ecosystem, recommendations include Philips Hue, Eufy, Sonoff, and Eve for HomeKit.

8. Smart Shower

How do you fancy asking Alexa or Google Assistant to put the shower on for you? Well, that’s now a possibility if you install a smart shower.

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way to retrofit an existing shower with smart controls right now. A device called the Smartap did launch at one point, but it just didn’t live up to its promises so has mostly been discontinued.

However, if you’re willing to splash out on a brand new shower system, there are a few options to choose from, but they aren’t cheap.

Top Pick: Aqualisa Unity Q

Aqualisa have been producing digital showers with unique features since the early 2000’s, however, their new Unity Q finally adds a feature you’ve all been waiting for, Alexa and Google Assistant support.

Using this integration, you can ask your voice assistant to start the shower for you from anywhere in the house. It also has an LED indicator to let you know when the temperature is perfect and a timer and water usage dashboard in the app.

As well as been smart in the technological sense, it’s also a smart-looking device. The main part of the device can be concealed away from the showerhead such as in the loft above which provides minimal disruption to your bathroom décor.

9. Smart Showerhead

If you want to give your shower an upgrade but without splashing out thousands, you could give the showerhead an upgrade instead. A smart showerhead means different things depending upon who you ask, some will call it smart because it has LED lights, others because it has a temperature gauge.

Whilst these features might be useful, they’re not what I would call ‘smart’. However, then I came across the smart showerhead from Kohler called the Moxie and it had to go on the list.

Top Pick: Kohler Moxie

The Moxie is a showerhead with a high-quality Harman Kardon speaker built-in and full Alexa functionality. You’ll have full access to all of Alexa’s commands and it’s been tuned especially for the shower.

Not only is it functional as a speaker, but it’s excellent as a shower head with luxurious full-coverage spray and it looks elegant too.

Whilst this device sounds epic, I’ve not had the chance to get my hands on one as it’s only available in the US right now, but I’ll update this article as soon as it launches here in the UK.

10. Smart Toothbrush

You might think that a smart toothbrush sounds like an unnecessary device, and to be quite honest I agree with you. But they are a thing and you’ll be quite surprised at how clever they are.

The technology varies from brand to brand, but for the most part, they are designed to improve your teeth cleaning experience which will be helpful to many people.

Those at the cheaper end of the market will ensure you brush for long enough and keep track of when you’ve brushed your teeth or not. However, the smarter devices have built-in tracking with real-time feedback on your brushing efforts.

Top Pick: Oral-B iO 9

Oral-B is one of the leaders in electric toothbrushes so it’s no surprise that they’re leading the charge with the smart toothbrush. Their iO range features several brushes, each with different smart features.

At the top of the range is the iO9 which uses AI to provide real-time feedback on how you’re brushing your teeth. Using the companion app, it will give you a 3D image of your teeth and each section will turn white when you have brushed it enough. At the end of your brushing, you’ll get a smiley face if you’ve done a good job.

There’s no denying that this is a clever toothbrush, but is it worth paying 5 times the price of a regular electric toothbrush? I don’t think so.

11. Smart Toilet

And the final smart bathroom device is a smart toilet. Yes, they really have made a smart version of everything.

Smart toilets aren’t smart in the sense that they are internet-connected and there generally isn’t any companion app, but they do have some other tech features that you wouldn’t usually see on a toilet.

This includes automatic flushing, a nightlight, water sensors, built-in deodorisers, and even heated toilet seats. Okay, now you have my attention!

Top Pick: Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

The Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet is a device to keep an eye on. It has a warmed seat, lighting with presets for different family members, UV sanitisation, automatic flushing and hands-free seat closing.

The toilet also claims Alexa support, but I’m unsure what help Alexa will be in that respect.

Although it was announced at CES 2020, it still doesn’t have a release date, let alone a UK release date. For some that are available right now, check out the ‘modern toilets’ section over at Victoria Plumbing.

Things I’d Like to See in Future Smart Bathrooms

As I mentioned in the intro, I have been underwhelmed by the range and availability of smart bathroom devices in the UK.

Here are a few things I’d like to see in future:

  • Nest and Echo Bathroom Speakers – Where are the IP-rated smart speakers for our bathrooms? Whilst there are some waterproof speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, it’s not the same as having the always-listening speakers we have elsewhere in the home.
  • Smart Extractor Fans – In the US where HVAC systems are more common than in the UK, smart extractor fans are a reality. However, there aren’t any that I’d recommend in the UK right now. It would be great to set a routine that turns on the fan after someone has been in the bathroom.
  • Smart Mirror – I’ve covered smart bathroom mirrors in the earlier list, but I wasn’t overly pleased with the choices available. The prices are very high considering that they still aren’t great. Hopefully, some recognizable brands will launch a decent mirror soon.
  • Smart Heated Towel Rail – It would be great to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to warm your towel on the rail before you go for a bath or shower. I’ve seen a few people in Reddit forums and smart home groups sharing their DIY heated towel rails, usually using a Wi-Fi or ZigBee relay such as this one to turn their dumb heated towel rail on and off. It would be nice to have a user-friendly way of adding this feature.


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