Best Smart Lights for the Bathroom [2023 Guide]

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Your bathroom might not be the first room you think of when it comes to smart lighting, however there’s a growing trend to modernise and bring it in line with the rest of your smart home.

Adding smart devices to your bathroom isn’t as simple as other rooms in the house. You’ll often have wet hands and your Alexa might be out of ears reach. Nevertheless, we’ve done our research and found the very best bathroom lights to create a smart bathroom fit for the future.

Switching up your bathroom lighting can dramatically improve the way it looks, but remember that adequate task lighting is key. Whilst adding feature lighting can add that extra ambience to your bath time, you still need to see your gums as you floss and check up on that annoying spot on your chin.

Philips Hue Adore Ceiling Light

This stylish looking smart bathroom ceiling light has been designed as the rooms main source of light with a brightness of 2,400 lumens and 50,000 shades of white to choose from.

Change the colour temperature from 2,200 (warm white) – 6,500 (daylight)
Integrates with Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit
Comes bundled with a switch
White ambience only – no colour option available
Requires a hub for full functionality

The Phillips Hue Adore Ceiling Light has been specifically designed to light up the entire bathroom thanks to a powerful 2400 lumens of light when it’s at it’s brightest, and IP44 protection to ensure it’s safe in a moist room.

The light isn’t colour changing, but you can change the warmth of the white with over 50,000 shades to choose between from 2200-6500 kelvins (the measure of colour temperature. This will allow you to use bright white when brushing your teeth or switch to a warm tone when you’re relaxing in the bath.

The light comes bundled with a smart switch which connects to the device via Bluetooth so that you still have control when you don’t have your phone on you.

Specs: Bulb Lifetime: 30,000h // Power: 27W // Equivalent Incandescent Wattage: 204W // Wireless Protocol: Zigbee and Bluetooth

LE Smart Ceiling Light

A budget friendly smart bathroom light from LE that connects to your smart home network via WiFi. It puts out 1250 lumens of light and has the full spectrum of 16 million colours.

Choose any colour you like via the app with over 16 million colours
Works with Alexa and Google Home
No hub required
Doesn’t work with HomeKit
Less reliable than Zigbee-connected Phillips Hue lights

For those not willing to splash out an arm and a leg on lighting up their bathroom, this LE device provides much of the same functionality at a lower price. In fact, there are some areas where it excels over the Hue and that’s with it’s range of colours, offering the full spectrum of 16 million colours to choose between.

Whilst it’s not as bright as the Hue option, but at 1250 lumen it will still give ample ambient light in a small or mid-sized bathroom. The LE bathroom ceiling lamp is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, although won’t play nicely with HomeKit.

As it connects over WiFi, rather than Zigbee, it doesn’t require a hub to operate. However, this also removes the option for use when offline. Just as a side note, I have found LE bulbs to be less reliable than Hue with some technical issues.

Specs: Bulb Lifetime: 15,000h // Power: 15W // Equivalent Incandescent Wattage: 204W // Wireless Protocol: WiFi

Phillips Hue Adore Bathroom Wall Light

Above the mirror is essential task lighting in your bathroom and with this Phillips Hue Adore Wall Light, you can make it a smart piece of tech too.

3000 lumens of light is more than enough for your mirror
Tuneable light with 50,000 shades of white
Comes with a dimmer switch for the wall
Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit
Cannot change the colour
Hub required to access all features

As mentioned earlier, task lighting is key in a bathroom and none more important than the mirror light. That’s where this Phillips Hue Adore bathroom mirror light comes in.

Phillips are aware of the difficulties controlling smart lights in the bathroom as unless you have a shower speaker with Alexa built in, you may struggle with voice control. For this reason, they include a dimmer switch that connects directly to the device and ca be placed on the wall.

Of course, you can also control the light from the app, via all three of the major voice assistants and you can set routines or timers along with other Hue products. The light and dimmer both work with Bluetooth, so you can still use the products without a Hue bridge, however this is required to make the most of the features.

The light is actually bigger than it seems in the pictures with a width of 60cm and a powerful 3000 lumens of light so it provides adequate lighting for your mirror.

Specs: Bulb Lifetime: 30,000h // Power: 40W // Equivalent Incandescent Wattage: 200W // Wireless Protocol: Zigbee and Bluetooth

Phillips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror Light

This illuminated smart light will create a beautiful light effect and provide functional lighting for your bathroom.

Great for styling hair or applying make up as doesn’t cast shadows like traditional overhead lighting
Can also provide ambient lighting and set a good mood for your bath
Control from included remote or using Alexa, Google Home or HomeKit
Shades of white only, no colour options
Hub required to access all the smart benefits

The Hue vanity mirror is probably my personal favourite piece of smart bathroom lighting as far as style goes, I really love the futuristic look and it fits in well when trying to create a smart home feel.

Despite a beefy 2,400 lumens of light, the mirror has been designed to provide task lighting so won’t be enough to light up your entire bathroom at night meaning, you’ll need to use it as part of an overall light set up.

The light isn’t colour changing like some of Phillips Hue’s other products, however you do still have access to 50,000 shades of white, from tuneable warm to cool white as well as dimming options so you can have control over your bathrooms ambiance.

Specs: Bulb Lifetime: 30,000h // Power: 24W // Equivalent Incandescent Wattage: 204W // Wireless Protocol: Zigbee and Bluetooth


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