Best Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaners UK [with Comparison Chart]

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Eufy is the sub-brand of Anker (best known for their chargers and speakers) that’s leading the way when it comes to smart home appliances at the cheaper end of the market.

In this guide, I’ll compare the current range of Eufy RoboVac robot vacuum cleaners and share my top recommended products from the range.

Quick Summary

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick look at the 3 best Eufy RoboVacs:

Image Summary  
Best OverallNanoleaf Canvas (1)
Eufy G30 Edge
• Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 uses logical cleaning path
• Provides cleaning history maps within the app
• Set no-go zones with boundary tape
Best ValueNanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Eufy G30
• App control and voice assistant commands
• Higher 2,000pA of suction power
• Random path navigation
• Set no-go zones with boundary tape
Budget PickNanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Eufy 11S
• Cheapest Eufy currently available
• Picks up most debris on the first pass
• No app control

Eufy Robot Vacuum Comparison Chart

Below is a full comparison chart of Eufy robot vacuums currently on sale.

FeaturesEufy 11SEufy 15CEufy 15C MAXEufy 30CEufy 30C MAXEufy G10 HybridEufy G30Eufy G30 EdgeEufy L70 Hybrid
Suction Power130013002000150020002000200020002200
Suitable ForHard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors onlyHard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Boost IQ2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen2nd Gen
Vacuum InletMotorised BrushrollMotorised BrushrollMotorised BrushrollMotorised BrushrollvMotorised BrushrollNozzleMotorised BrushrollMotorised BrushrollMotorised Brushroll
No. Side Brushes222221111
Speed26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s30 cm/s
Dustbin Capacity600ml600ml600ml600ml600ml500ml600ml600ml450ml
Battery Capacity2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh2600mAh5200mAh
Charge Time5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours4-5 hours
Battery LifeUp to 100 minsUp to 100 minsUp to 100 minsUp to 100 minsUp to 100 minsUp to 100 minsUp to 110 minsUp to 110 minsUp to 150 mins
Recharge and ResumeNoNoNoNoNoYes Yes YesYes (Pin Point accuracy)
NavigationBounce Navigation Bounce Navigation Bounce Navigation Bounce Navigation Bounce Navigation Smart Dynamic NavigationSmart Dynamic Navigation 2.0Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0Laser Navigation
MappingNoNoNoNoNoNoYes – cleaning history onlyYes – cleaning history onlyYes – room-by-room cleaning
No-Go ZonesNoNoNoYes – physical (strips included)Yes – physical (strips included)NoNoYes – physical (strips included)Yes - virtual and physical
Climbing Threshold16mm16mm16mm16mm16mm16mm15mm15mm20mm
Remote ControlYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
App ControlNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Alexa/Google Home IntegrationNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Where to Buy?AmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon

What’s the difference between Eufy’s ranges?

Here is a brief overview of what each series offers:

  • S-Series – Eufy’s most entry-level vacuums that are controlled with a remote rather than an app.
  • C-Series – The most popular Eufy vacuums that have basic smart features such as app control.
  • G-Series – More advanced features such as smart navigation and recharge-and-resume.
  • L-Series – Eufy’s new top-tier series with laser floor mapping, room-by-room cleaning, and superior battery life.

Key Features Explained

MAX – Devices with MAX in their name simply deliver higher suction power than the standard version of the device. Bear in mind that the battery capacity will be the same so runtime may be shorter when used at full power.

BoostIQ – This is Eufy’s technology that allows the RoboVac’s to detect whether it’s on a hard floor or carpet and adjust the suction power accordingly.

Recharge and Resume – This allows the vacuum to pause a cleaning cycle to recharge and then continue where it left off. The G-series will return to the same area, whereas the L-series has better mapping so will return to the exact same spot.

Smart Dynamic Navigation – This is the technology that allows the device to track its path and take logical routes in straight lines. The lower-tier devices do not have this and will just bounce from wall to wall in a random path. This uses optical tracking and algorithms, none of the EUfy vacuums have vSLAM or Lidar mapping.

No-Go Zones – Setting no-go zones can help keep the robot vacuum out of certain rooms or areas where it is prone to get stuck. Physical no-go zones will use magnetic boundary tape that must be laid on the floor, whereas virtual no-go zones can be set up on the map and rely on the robot’s navigation.

Remote Control – A key difference between the ranges is the inclusion of a remote control. As the S-series and C-series were launched earlier, they can be set up using a remote control and are the only Eufy’s that work without Wi-Fi. The G-series and L-series require a Wi-Fi network to set them up.

Best Eufy Robot Vacuums UK

These are the best Eufy robot vacuums currently available in the UK:

Below are my full reviews of these recommendations with the pros and cons of each.

Best Overall: Eufy G30 Edge

View cleaning history map in Eufy Home app
Takes logical routes around your home
Set boundaries with the included magnetic strips
Recharge and Resume
Only one front brush
Most expensive Eufy in the UK (although still very affordable)

My top pick is the Eufy G30 Edge, I like it so much that i even included it in my latest round-up of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the UK. It’s one of Eufy’s newer devices that features their upgraded Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0.

This uses advanced algorithms and onboard gyroscopes to take logical routes around your home and track its path so that you can see a cleaning history map via the Eufy app. It also has recharge-and-resume technology so it can recharge mid-cleaning cycle and return to the same area to continue.

Having done a full comparison of the G30 vs G30 Edge, I tend to recommend the Edge version as you can create no-go zones using the magnetic boundary strips included with the vacuum. For a £20 upgrade, it seems a worthwhile addition, especially if there are awkward areas of your home where the vacuum might get stuck.

Most of the components are the same as their lower-tier devices, including the body, dust bin, and roller brushes, so you’re paying for the extra smarts. Although, to include a path tracking sensor, Eufy have removed the front right spinning brush that’s featured across the rest of their range.

Best Value: Eufy 30C MAX

Excellent value for money
High suction of 2,000pA
Control via the app or using voice commands
Navigates in random paths (coverage still good in large rooms)
No clean map reports
No recharge-and-resume

The Eufy 30C MAX isn’t as smart as the G30, however, it still provides an excellent cleaning performance and deserves a spot as one of the best Eufy vacuums.

Unlike the previous device, it uses random path navigation which means it bounces around your home from wall to wall until it runs out of battery or its algorithm determines that it’s covered the whole floor. Coverage is still very high although it does take much longer than the smart navigation devices.

Underneath is a powerful 2,000pA of suction power that rivals the previous devices. The 30C MAX is one of the Eufy devices that works without Wi-Fi thanks to the use of a remote control. However, I’d still recommend connecting it for advanced features like Alexa and Google Home commands.

Budget Pick: Eufy 11S

Cheapest Eufy available in the UK
Vacuuming ability is excellent for its price
No Wi-Fi or app control (use the included remote)
Lower suction than other devices
Navigates in random paths (although coverage still decent)

The 11S is the most entry-level Eufy RoboVac available in 2021. Its cheaper price largely reflects the reduced smarts of the vacuum, for example, there’s no Wi-Fi which means it cannot be controlled from an app. Instead, you’ll have to use the old-school remote control that’s included.

The lack of an app also means there’s no integration with your smart home or voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

Despite these feature drawbacks, when it comes to cleaning performance, the 11S is very good for its price level. At 1,300 pA of suction, it’s less powerful than the previous devices but still manages to pick up most debris from hard floors and low to medium-pile carpets.

Full Eufy RoboVac Range

Here is a rundown of every device in the Eufy range currently available in the UK, starting from the most entry-level devices and moving up through the range:

Eufy 11S

The most budget level device in the range that has the lowest suction power and navigates in a random path around your home. It can only be controlled with the included remote control.

Eufy 15C

The 15C is a step up from the 11S both in terms of cleaning performance and smart features. It’s the cheapest vacuum in the range with Wi-Fi and voice assistant support for Alexa and Google Home.

Eufy 15C MAX

This is the same as the 15C but has an increased maximum suction power of 2,000pA which helps get the smallest particles from deep within the carpet.

Eufy 30C

Next in the C-series is the 30C which has a very slight improvement on the 15C in terms of cleaning performance although this is negligible. Where it does stand out is the addition of no-go zones using the included magnetic boundary strips to keep the vacuum out of certain rooms and areas it may get stuck.

Eufy 30C MAX

The 30C MAX is almost identical to the 30C but ‘MAX’ indicates that it has a higher suction power of 2,000pA compared to 1,5000pA in the 30C.

Eufy G10 Hybrid

Now we’ll take a step up to the G-series which switches to use smart navigation that uses logical straight lines to clean your home quicker and more efficiently.

The G10 Hybrid is first in the range. It is designed entirely for hard floors with the lack of a motorised roller brush, instead opting for a mopping feature.

If you’ve read my full Eufy G10 review, you’ll know I’m not a fan of this device as the mopping is poor and the device is very limited.

Eufy G30

The G30 is the first decent vacuum in the G-series. As well as decent cleaning performance, its path tracking ability can produce cleaning history maps in the Eufy Home app and give it recharge-and-resume capability.

Eufy G30 Edge

The G30 Edge uses mostly the same components as the G30, only it can detect boundary strips so you can create no-go zones in your home. The G30 Edge comes with 4m of included strips.


The L-series is Eufy’s top tier range, unfortunately, this is not officially available in the UK from Eufy just yet, however, there are some sellers offering it on Amazon.

The L70 introduces lidar mapping which provides a floor plan of your home in the Eufy app for room-by-room cleaning schedules and advanced voice commands.

This device also includes a mop, but it’s much better implemented than the G10. You can set specific no-mop and no-vacuum areas so it knows when to switch.

L80 [Coming Soon]

Worth a mention is the upcoming L80 and L80 Hybrid vacuums that were announced at CES 2021. Not only do they look more futuristic, but they are set to be some of Eufy’s smartest vacuums yet with further advances in mapping technology and features.


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