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The RoboVac G30 is one of Eufy’s newest robot vacuum cleaners that is smarter than the previous generation of devices thanks to smart navigation and clean maps.

There are currently two versions of the device available in the UK, the G30 and G30 Edge. In this guide, I’ll share the similarities between the two devices and all of the key differences. There is also a side-by-side specs comparison below.

Quick Summary

Image Summary  
TOP PICKNanoleaf Canvas (1)
Eufy G30 Edge
• Create no-go zones using boundary strips.
• Includes 4m of boundary strips.
• Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 provides cleaning history maps.
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Eufy G30
• Cannot create no-go zones.
• Apart from this it’s near-identical to the G30 Edge.

Overall Verdict

The G30 and G30 Edge are near identical, however, the G30 Edge can recognise no-go zones. These are created via the physical boundary strips that are included with the device and must be laid on the floor where the robot vacuum should not go.

Conversely, the standard G30 does not detect boundaries. This can be a problem if there are certain areas of your home that you don’t want vacuuming, or if there are places that your vacuum frequently gets stuck such as unusual thresholds or low furniture. The G30 does still have cliff detection so it won’t fall down your stairs.

The G30 is only slightly cheaper than the G30 Edge so it seems a worthwhile upgrade to utilise the no-go zones feature, especially considering it comes with boundary strips included. Apart from this differentiation, the vacuums are mostly identical.

Specs Comparison [Side-by-Side]

FeaturesEufy G30Eufy G30 Edge
Suction Power20002000
Suitable ForHard floors
Medium pile carpets
Hard floors
Medium pile carpets
Boost IQ2nd Gen2nd Gen
Vacuum InletMotorised BrushrollMotorised Brushroll
No. Side Brushes11
Speed26.7 cm/s26.7 cm/s
Dustbin Capacity600ml600ml
Battery Capacity2600mAh2600mAh
Charge Time5-6 hours5-6 hours
Battery LifeUp to 110 minsUp to 110 mins
Recharge and ResumeYes Yes
NavigationSmart Dynamic Navigation 2.0Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0
MappingYes – cleaning history onlyYes – cleaning history only
No-Go ZonesNoYes – physical (strips included)
Climbing Threshold15mm15mm
Remote ControlNoNo
App ControlYesYes
Alexa/Google Home IntegrationYesYes
Where to Buy?AmazonAmazon

Eufy G30 vs G30 Edge

So, let’s jump into my full comparison of the Eufy G30 and G30 Edge, starting with the similarities before looking at what makes each different:

Key Similarities:

Both the G30 and G30 Edge have Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0

This is Eufy’s second generation of smart navigating with uses its gyroscope and a clever algorithm to ensure it’s cleaning in logical paths. This ensures maximum coverage whilst minimising the time it takes compared to random path robot vacuums.

There is no room-by-room cleaning schedules as with Eufy’s latest L70 vacuum (not yet available in the UK), however, its path tracking does allow you to view a cleaning history map within the Eufy Home app.

They have 2,000pA of suction power with BoostIQ technology

Under the hood, both the G30 and G30 Edge have the same vacuum abilities. The 2,000pA of suction is more than adequate for hard floors and low to medium-pile carpets.

Performance of the G30 range is very good for its price level, picking up most small and large debris, and doing so during the first pass on most occasions. They both feature second-generation BoostIQ tech which helps increase the power on thicker carpets.

Both have recharge-and-resume technology

The G30 and G30 Edge have the same 2600mAh capacity battery that gives the vacuum a maximum runtime of 110 minutes. But the run time doesn’t matter because they have recharge-and-resume technology which means they can pause mid-cycle to recharge and then continue in the same zone.

The return point isn’t as accurate as the PinPoint technology on the more expensive Eufy L70, however, they return to roughly the same area.

Requires WI-Fi to work

The G30 and G30 Edge are part of a new generation of Eufy vacuums that require Wi-Fi in order to set them up and make changes. There is no remote control included as was the case with previous generations.

Key Differences:

The G30 Edge can detect boundary strips for creating no-go zones

The biggest difference is that the G30 Edge can recognise no-go zones. It does this using physical boundary strips that must be laid on the floor at the point the vacuum should not cross.

This is ideal for rooms you don’t want cleaning, places the vacuum is likely to get stuck, or specific objects such as a pet bed. There is 4m of boundary strip included with the G30 Edge which is enough to stretch across 4-6 average-sized doors. You can purchase as many strips as you like at £25 per 4m.

A couple of things to note is that both the G30 Edge and standard G30 have cliff detection for avoiding drops or stairs so you will not need to use the boundary strips for this.

The G30 Edge is more expensive than the G30 (but not by much)

At the standard retail price, the G30 Edge is around £20 more expensive than the standard G30. This seems like a worthy upgrade for the extra tech in the vacuum to detect the boundaries and the 4m of included boundary strips that would usually cost £25.

The G30 Edge is black and gold

I promised that I’d cover every single difference no matter how small. So I thought I’d best include the colour. The G30 Edge has a more premium black and gold paint job, whereas the standard G30 is black and blue.

Is the G30 Any Good?

Yes, the G30 (and G30 Edge) is a good vacuum cleaner compared to others at its price point. The device will pick up most debris on the first pass, if not the second.

As with all of Eufy’s best robot vacuums, it is suited to both low and medium-pile carpet. Whilst it’s able to handle rugs fairly well, it’s not recommended if you have high-pile carpet throughout your home.

Its performance on hardwood floor shouldn’t be discarded either, it’s able to pick up most debris including dirt from small crevices. However, the front brushes are prone to pushing lighter debris (such as fluff) away from the vacuum rather than picking it up.

The G30 can cope with pet hair, however, you will need to regularly untangle the bristles. Those with pets might want to take a look at a Roomba which has their dual rubber roller brushes that handle hair very well. The Roomba 600-series is a good place to start and isn’t too dissimilar from Eufy on price.

What About the G30 Verge?

The G30 Verge isn’t currently available in the UK and appears to have been out of stock in the US for some time so I’m not entirely sure it’s still being produced.

The G30 Verge is also able to detect boundary strips. The main difference between the G30 Verge and G30 Edge is the amount of boundary strip included. You will receive 2m of strip with the Verge and 4m with the Edge.

Besides this, the G30 Edge and Verge are near-identical.

Image Summary  
Nanoleaf Canvas (1)
Eufy G30 Edge
• Create no-go zones using boundary strips.
• Includes 4m of boundary strips.
• Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 provides cleaning history maps.
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagonal
Eufy G30
• Cannot create no-go zones.
• Apart from this it’s near-identical to the G30 Edge.


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