10 Slimmest Robot Vacuums for Cleaning Under Low Furniture

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If you’ve got low furniture in your home, then a robot vacuum can be a helpful device to ensure it consistently gets a good clean. In fact, it’ll most likely do a better job than traditional vacuum cleaners in that respect.

We’ve done our homework and found 10 robot vacuums with a low clearance, perfect for getting under that awkwardly low sofa or cleaning under your small living room table.

What is the thinnest robot vacuum? The budget priced Bagoette BG600 was the thinnest robot vacuum we could find with a height of 69mm but with limited technology inside. If you want better specs, the Eufy G30 offers the best range of features with a height of 72mm.

Top 10 Low-Height Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Here are our top 10 recommended slim robot vacuum cleaners to buy right now:

1. Bagoette BG600 – Slimmest Robot Vacuum

Clearance height: 69mm

The slimmest robot on our list is the Bagoette, but that doesn’t mean it the worst. It doesn’t pack in all of the high-end features that more expensive vacuums have, so you won’t find height adjusting cleaning heads or voice control. One of the biggest missing features is the lack of WiFi or Bluetooth so you won’t be able to control it via an app.

However, Bagoette have focused on getting the basics right so it has a 100-minute run time, 1600pa of suction and can cross over thresholds up to 16mm in height so it’s great for multiple surfaces.

The clearance height was the best we could find of any robot vacuum, with a total height of 69mm from the base of the wheels to the top. It’s as slim as they can get.

2. Coredy R750

Clearance height: 72mm

Despite its low height, the Coredy R750 still manages to pack in a lot of tech with vacuuming, sweeping and mopping capabilities. That being said, it’s mopping capabilities aren’t quite up to the standard of a traditional mop and it cannot mop and vacuum simultaneously.

The vacuum offers a good all round clean and is able to navigate across thresholds up to 16mm high so should be great getting up on your carpet or across door frames. Whilst it doesn’t have the advanced mapping of high-end devices, it does come with boundary tape and fall protection to avoid accidents.

Unlike the first device, this one does have WiFi, so you can schedule cleans and check status via the app.

3. Hosome 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum

Clearance height: 72mm

The Hosome is very similar to the Coredy as it’s another 2-in-1 robot vacuum at the budget end of the market. Yet again, the mopping function isn’t something to shout about, but it’s cleaning ability is very good for its price.

It has a high suction power of 1900pa. however, its dustbin is on the smaller side at 300ml so you may find yourself emptying it more frequently.

Although it doesn’t automatically change head height or suction, there are 6 modes to choose from, so you’ll find one right for you.

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4. Eufy 11S Robot Vacuum

Clearance height: 72mm

The 11S is the first of a few devices from Eufy to make this list and is also one of the cheaper ones. It has 1300pa of suction, and although this isn’t the most suction for a robot vacuum, it has automatic suction changing to detect when it reaches a new surface.

The robot has an impressive runtime of 100 minutes which is more than enough to clean a large apartment and it’s 600ml dustbin will make sure it can finish the job properly.

The device is at the cheaper end of Eufy’s range, so it doesn’t feature mapping technology but uses infrared sensors to get around and work out where to clean. Other missing features that the higher end Eufy devices have include Alexa and Google Home integration or the ability to recharge and then continue cleaning where it left off.

5. Eufy G30 Robot Vacuum – Top Pick

Clearance height: 72mm

The G30 is one of Eufy’s most advanced devices and is our top pick if you want a slimmed down robot vacuum with mapping and great specs. As with all of Eufy’s products in this run down, it has a height of 72mm that’s perfect for getting under lower furniture.

It has 2000pa of suction and with BoostIQ technology it can adjust the suction power according to the needs of the floor type it’s currently on. Although it uses infrared sensors instead of the more accurate lidar, it’s refined its gyroscope navigation tech to improve its path tracking capabilities.

6. Eufy 15C Max

Clearance height: 72mm

The third and final Eufy on our list is the 15C Max which sits firmly in the middle of Eufy’s range. It has all the features of the budget 11S but also adds integration with your smart assistant of choice such as Alexa or Google Home and has a more suction power so that it gives an overall better clean and is particularly good at getting the smaller particles of dust.

As you’d expect, there are still a number of features that are missing that might be found in the higher spec models. Most notably is the absence of mapping, it uses infrared lasers to make its way around but doesn’t keep a record of the floor plan. This also means that room by room cleaning is off the cards too.

 Overall, this offers a middle of the road experience with a low height that’s great for getting in those hard to reach places that even a traditional vacuum might struggle.

7. Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Clearance height: 78mm

Ecovacs are one of the leading manufacturers in the robot vacuum world. Most of their robots are fairly tall, however the Deebot N79S is one of their smaller devices with a low height of 78mm, allowing it to clean under most sofas and cabinets.

The reason it is much smaller is because there is no mapping function so there is less technology to fit in. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use virtual walls or zoned cleaning.

Having said that, the cleaning performance is still on par with many other cleaners in the mid-tier category and it does a great job at picking up pet hair. The only downside is that the fast turning brushes have a tendency to spread lighter particles around.

This robot vacuum works with both Alexa and Google Home so you can schedule cleaning via the app or via voice.

8. iLife V3 Pro – Budget Pick

Clearance height: 84mm

The iLife V3 Pro is the cheapest device on our list but seems to be pleasing an extremely high number of people with more positive reviews than any other robot vacuum we could find on Amazon.

The robot doesn’t connect to WiFi so must be controlled via the included remote control or by pressing the buttons on the device. The lack of WiFi connection might be a key contributing factor to the device’s excellent 120-minute battery life.

As far as cleaning goes, this device will pick up the light debris, but with just 850pa of suction power, it’s not fit for picking up the smaller particles. If you’re looking for a budget vacuum that can give a quick once over of the carpet, including the low furniture, then the iLife V3 Pro is a good pick.

9. iRobot Roomba S9+ – High End Features

Clearance height: 87mm

Roomba’s most high-end vacuum, the S9+, is also it’s thinnest robot vacuum and it’s most intelligent. It’s the only device feature here that comes with a self-emptying base so it can continue cleaning for months without interruption.

The robot uses lasers to map out a room which is far more advanced than infrared or gyroscopes as most others use. The robot takes a logical and efficient route to get the best possible clean. Its shape has been specifically designed to tackle the edges well and with a lower height than the other Roombas, it’s also well placed to tackle hard to reach places.

Due to it’s advanced mapping, you can define rooms, zones or objects to clean around and schedule cleaning of certain areas at certain times. All of this can be done using just your voice thanks to Google Home and Alexa integration. This is the most advanced robot vacuum but also comes with a four-figure price tag.

10. iRobot Roomba 960

Clearance height: 91mm

The final slim robot vacuum on our list is another Roomba and this time it’s a little cheaper than the S9+ and still has some great features.

The 960 integrates with Google Home and Alexa as well as having other advanced features such as charge and resume to pick up where it left off, and visual mapping (although the mapping is via infrared which isn’t as good as laser).

It’s sensors can recognise areas that need additional cleaning so the robot can spend more time tackling them. However, it doesn’t support the ability o select certain rooms to clean which would have been a good feature.


Here are some of the most common questions that users have concerning the height of robot vacuum cleaners:

How tall are robot vacuum cleaners?

On average, robot vacuum cleaners are between 80-100mm. You will often find budget robot vacuums below 80mm and some of the more powerful robots, such as those from Dyson, are much taller and can be up to 120mm.

Can a robot vacuum clean under the couch, beds or low furniture?

Yes, most robot vacuums will use infrared or laser cameras to navigate your home so they can go anywhere as long as they can fit. You will need to check the clearance height of your robot vacuum to ensure it fits under lower furniture. When measuring, you should also allow 5-10mm of buffer height to account for any bumps or thresholds on your floor.


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