Full List of Alexa Commands for Audible

Audible is owned by Amazon, so you won’t be surprised to hear that the two services integrate together really well. In this article, I’ll share a full list of Alexa commands for Audible along with helpful tips to access some of the bespoke features only available through Amazon’s voice assistant. If you’ve not yet signed … Read more

Full List of Alexa Commands for Music

An Amazon Echo smart speaker might have lots of advanced features for surfing the web and controlling your smart home via the endless list of Alexa commands, but it’s still an excellent speaker for playing music. In this guide, I’ll share all the music streaming services you can connect to Alexa and use via your … Read more

Alexa Commands for News

If you’re a news junkie, Alexa has got you covered with an easy way to keep up with your interests, whether that’s global news, sports, or a niche topic. Thanks to Amazon’s flash briefings feature, you can customise your daily report so that Alexa plays your favourite bulletins, with the ability to skip between them … Read more

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