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Alexa is dominating the smart home and has now made her way into newer smart TVs too. Manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are using Alexa as a point of difference to make their TVs stand out by enabling you to control them from your Amazon Echo.

In this guide, I’ve pulled together the top Alexa-enabled smart TVs available in the UK, with options for those on a budget or those looking for cinema-level viewing quality.

Reasons for Choosing a Smart TV with Alexa

If you buy a smart TV with built-in Alexa support, you’ll be able to use the voice assistant

  • Use your Amazon Echo to turn your TV on/off, change volume and channel
  • Switch between apps and inputs with your voice
  • Search for TV programs by voice
  • Control other smart home appliances via your TV

Essentially, anything you can do through your Amazon Echo, you’ll also be able to do through your TV and vice versa.

Important: Works with Alexa vs Alexa Built-In

Keep an eye out for devices that ‘Work with Alexa’ as these will require an Echo to control them. There’s no shortage of ‘Works with Alexa’ devices from smart plugs to smart TVs. They generally won’t have a microphone for speaking with Alexa.

All of the smart TVs here have Alexa built-in which means you don’t need any external hardware to use the voice assistant. If buying another TV other than those listed here, be sure to check this distinction.

Best Smart TVs with Alexa Built-In

These are my top recommended smart TVs with Alexa built-in:

Keep reading for full reviews of my recommendations along with the pros and cons of each.

Best Overall: LG NANO86

Sizes: 49”, 55” // Platform: WebOS // Display: 4K UHD // HDR: Dolby Vision IQ/ HDR 10 Pro

WebOS is one of the smoothest and simplest TV platforms
Magic remote allows you to use cursor like a mouse
Outstanding contrast
Works best in light rooms
Blacks may appear more grey in dark rooms

My top pick is the LG NANO86 which is a great all-around TV whether you like binging on movies or playing games.

It uses LG’s nanocell technology uses particles to absorb unwanted light and enhanced the red and green colours to create a true colour, even at wide angles. Put simply, the colours pop off the screen.

It runs LG’s WebOS platform which in my opinion is one of the best operating systems for smart TVs as it has a lot of apps and is easy to navigate with simple menus.

The magic remote is one of the best features which has mouse-like controls, allowing you to move the cursor around the screen rather than using up/down/left/right buttons like most smart TVs.

On the magic remote there is a microphone button which is how you access the built-in Alexa functionality. This doesn’t work out of the box, you’ll need to install the Prime Video app and log in to your Amazon account before you can do anything, but once installed you can initiate Alexa commands to control your TV or any other device connected to Alexa.

The impactful HDR makes the TV best suited for rooms with lots of light such as general TV viewing in the living room. One downside is that native contrast is low so blacks can appear more grey if watching at night.

It has a refresh rate of 100hz and low lag via HDMI 2.1 which also makes it suitable for gaming.

Runner Up: Philips Series 7805

Sizes: 43″, 50″, 58″, 70″ // Platform: Saphi Smart TV // Display: 4K Ultra HD LED // HDR: Dolby Vision IQ, HDR 10, HDR 10+

Good price for a 4K UHD TB
Ambilight back lighting effect
Use Alexa on TV even when it is in standby
Saphi platform does not have Disney Plus and Apple+

The 7805 series from Philips is one of their more entry-level smart TVs, but still offers a superior viewing performance and features such as Alexa and Ambilight found in their top-tier TVs.

It is a 4K UHD TV and like the LG it has the latest HDR 10+ technology which allows for the full colour spectrum to be used in scenes that only contain dark or bright light.

Unlike most Philips TVs that run Android TV, the Series 7805 runs Philips Saphi Smart TV platform, presumably, this was the only way they could build Alexa into the smart TV, however, this comes at the expense of fewer third party apps on Saphi.

It has a microphone on the button to use Alexa. You can configure Alexa to run even when the TV is in standby (off by default) although you will still need to press the button on the remote.

One of the best features on Philips TVs is the Ambilight backlighting. This can be used whilst watching TV to add extra ambiance, or you can even use it when the Tv is off for moody lighting.

Notable missing apps from Saphi are Disney Plus and Apple+, although all of your other favourites are there, from Spotify to Amazon Prime. The TV also has a built-in browser and 3 HDMI ports on the back.

Best Alexa Integration: Samsung TU7000

Sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ // Platform: Tizen // Display: 4K Crystal UHD // HDR: HDR 10+

Control TV via Echo devices and include it within Alexa routines
Affordable Samsung TV
Integrates with SmartThings, Airplay 2, Alexa and Google Home
Screen can glare in brighter rooms

The Samsung TU7000 (sometimes called the TU70) is the entry-level smart TV in Samsung’s range launched at the end of 2020.

It’s best suited for mixed TV viewing and performs particularly well in darker rooms due to its high contrast ratio that helps make the blacks look really black. The TV doesn’t do so well in brighter rooms due to glare from the screen.

Samsung TVs can be linked to Samsung SmartThings, their smart home platform that includes a broad array of home appliances. You can then connect SmartThings to Alexa for full control of your TV using an Amazon Echo with no need for a remote at all.  You can also add the TV to groups within Alexa and create routines.

In addition to Alexa, SmartThings brings lots of other great features. For example, you can connect some video doorbells and security cameras so the TV can bring up a camera feed in the corner when motion is detected on a camera or someone is at your door.

It also comes with the Samsung Smart TV web browser installed or you can mirror your phone to the screen and use AirPlay 2.

Affordable Pick: Hisense U7QF

Sizes: 50″, 55″, 65″ // Platform: VIDAA U4.0 // Display: 4K Quantum Dot // HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR 10+

Great value for money
Bright and vibrant colours
Cinema mode improves the way pictures look at night
Not great viewing from wide angles
Low refresh rate isn’t ideal for gaming

If you’re looking for something super affordable, then Hisense is a great brand to look at. The U7QF is one of their newest TVs that features 4K resolution and runs on their VIDAA U4.0 smart platform.

If you’ve not heard of VIDAA then you’re not alone, but it’s surprisingly adequate with most of the essential apps and a good selection of games. The remote has 4 quick buttons including Prime Video and YouTube.

The UK version of the TV has Alexa-built built-in. As with other smart TVs, Alexa is accessed via a microphone button on the remote rather than being always listening as with Amazon Echo’s. This allows you to change channels, open apps, get news, and even control your smart home devices all with your voice.

It’s a 4K TV with Quantum Dot VA technology with Hisense helped create in partnership with Samsung. Quantum Dot TVs beat your usual OLED TV’s in terms of brightness and vibrancy of colours. It also has outstanding contrast and a cinema night mode that improves the way the darker colours look in the dark. However, bear in mind that the VA panel tends not to be as great from wide viewing angles.

The stand is a single bar of metal that not lonely looks better than your usual stand, but requires less space on your TV stand. It also has a thin bezel around the edge which looks very premium.

At 60hz, the refresh rate is relatively lower than other TVs shared here so won’t be very good for gaming. This is the compromise for the price.

Best Viewing Quality: Samsung Q90T (also great for gaming)

Sizes: 55”, 65”, 75” and 85” // Platform: Tizen // Display: 4K QLED // HDR: HDR 10+

Very best viewing quality with high contrast ratio
Deep blacks look great in the dark
Integrates with Alexa via SmartThings
High refresh rate and VR support makes it ideal for gaming
Most expensive range

When it comes to overall viewing quality, the Samsung Q90T is the best Alexa smart TV, although it doesn’t come cheap. This is Samsung’s flagship QLED TV launched in 2020 and sits at the top of their 4K TV range.

This is excellent for HDR content because its brightness allows it to deliver an unrivaled experience. It has a high contrast ratio which means there’s a big difference between the darkest black and the lightest white. It has an excellent native contrast ratio which gives it really deep blacks and the blacks are still really deep in dark rooms. But, it’s also great at minimising reflections so it also performs well in bright rooms.

If you watch a lot of HDR content or play HDR games, this TV will give you a lot of colour depth and make the picture pop. For those that are gaming, you’ll also be pleased to hear that it has a 120hz refresh rate and VR support.

Like the Hisense Tv shared earlier, the TV has a VA panel which I mentioned wasn’t great for viewing angles. However, Samsung have overcome this with an ‘ultra viewing angle’ layer that means it now outperforms most TVs for this.

As for Alexa compatibility, the function is the same as the lower-priced TU7000 shared earlier which allows you a completely hands-free experience using your Amazon Echo and to integrate via SmartThings.

Best Small TV: Toshiba WK3A

Sizes: 24″, 32″ // Platform: Toshiba Smart Centre // Display: HD Ready // HDR: No

Ideal if you’re looking for a smaller screen for kitchen or bedroom
Built-in microphone for using Alexa without a remote
Budget price point
Cannot turn off the TV with Alexa
Essential apps but nothing more

If you’re after a smaller smart TV with built-in Alexa, your choices are fairly limited as most devices are 43” and above. However, there is one brand you can turn to’ Toshiba.

Their WK3A (or the WK3A63DB to use its full name), which recently launched, is available as both a 24” and 32” screen size. It’s not capable of 4k, with Toshiba opting for HD quality instead. However, at this size, it’s unlikely you’ll be watching movies or gaming.

It runs on Toshiba Smart Centre which isn’t the best platform for apps but has Freeview Play and most of the essential catch-up services such as Netflix, iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc.

It has Alexa built-in including a microphone in the TV so you don’t need to reach for the remote, however, the Alexa commands are very basic due to the Toshiba skill not being very advanced. One notable missing command is the ability to turn the TV off with Alexa.

One thing that lets the TV down is the limited controls on the unit itself. Make sure you don’t lose the remote, or you can resort to the Alexa integration via an Amazon Echo.


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