Best Smart Coffee Machines

If you’re a coffee lover and a smart home addict like me, then you’ll definitely want to make sure a coffee machine is the next smart kitchen gadget you invest in. Whilst it’s still quite a stretch to see a day where Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons is waiting for our beckoning call. We’re … Read more

14 Best Smart Kitchen Devices

If you’re looking for the best smart home devices to deck out your kitchen or dining room, this article is for you. There’s no end to the number of kitchen appliances and accessories that can now connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled with your voice. Some kitchen gadgets are a little over the top (the … Read more

Best Smart Kettles

We Brit’s love a good brew and if your kettle isn’t the most used device in your kitchen then there must be something wrong! As with most appliances in our homes, there’s now a new generation of kettles that come with added smarts. Why might you need a smart kettle? A smart kettle is great … Read more

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