16 Google Home Routine Ideas

If you have a Google Home or Nest smart speaker in your home, you’ll know just how handy they are for voice commands. But, an often overlooked feature is the ability to set up routines. The main reason you would use a routine is so that Google will do something based on a schedule rather … Read more

17 Best Alexa Accessories and Add-Ons

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Does the Echo Dot Need to be Plugged In?

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Best Smart Speakers with Chromecast Built-In

Google’s Chromecast technology has changed the way we play media across devices in our home. Whilst initially limited to Google’s own speakers and the trusty Chromecast Audio, there’s now a range of third-party manufacturers making speakers with Chromecast and Google Assistant built-in. My home is full of Chromecast-enabled devices so I know exactly what to … Read more

Alexa Commands for the Smart Home

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Can You Use Alexa and HomeKit Together?

Alexa and HomeKit are two rival smart home platforms from Amazon and Apple respectively. HomeKit isn’t nearly as advanced as Alexa, however, if you have an iPhone in your pocket then HomeKit is an easy choice. If you can’t agree on which voice assistant should control your home, you’ll probably be wondering whether you can … Read more