17 Chromecast Tips and Tricks

As an avid fan of Google’s smart home ecosystem, I have more than my fair share of Chromecasts and cast-enabled devices. Over time, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks to improve the experience even more and today, I’m going to share them with you. Allow Your Chromecast to Control Your TV If your TV … Read more

Best Smart TV Web Browsers

Whilst smart TVs are designed to be used with apps, sometimes you might just want to surf the web. That’s where a browser will come in handy. Much like browsers on your PC, laptop, or phone, a smart TV browser will allow you to visit any webpage you like, including those that don’t have official … Read more

Best Smart TVs with Alexa Built-In

Alexa is dominating the smart home and has now made her way into newer smart TVs too. Manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are using Alexa as a point of difference to make their TVs stand out by enabling you to control them from your Amazon Echo. In this guide, I’ve pulled together the top … Read more

Best Smart Projectors

Are you looking for a better viewing experience than what your TV already provides? Or maybe you’re all about improving presentations at the office. Whether it’s for your home or office, the new era of smart projectors brings advanced features such as WiFi, apps and even voice control. The market is still relatively new so many … Read more

Is My TV Smart? [4 Quick Ways to Tell]

First there was the flat screen, then HD resolution and now it’s smart TVs. If you purchased a TV in the last few years, then it’s probably smart, but if you’re struggling to tell, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you work out if your TV is smart or not. What is a … Read more

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