Alexa Commands for Hive

Hive, a subsidiary of British Gas, are best known for their smart heating system which is a major rival to the Nest thermostat here in the UK, but they also have several other smart home devices including plugs, lights, and a home security system. All of these work seamlessly with Alexa for voice control and … Read more

What is a Smart Radiator Valve? How Do They Work?

If you’re thinking about investing in a smart heating system, you’ll probably come across smart radiator valves. But, what are they and how do they work with smart thermostats? Keep reading to find out. What is a Smart Radiator Valve? Traditionally, radiators will have a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) that needs to be set manually. … Read more

Best Smart Radiator Valve Starter Kits

A thermostat or a home radiator is the saviour when it comes to combating the temperature as it dances around the sub-zero category around Christmas arrival. If you are looking for a smart radiator valve to automate your heating requirements, then keep on reading as we discuss your room heating needs, and help you zero … Read more

Best Smart Air Purifiers [UK Guide]

The indoor air around us can easily become dirty, contaminated with volatile organic compounds and vaporous chemicals that make their way inside our homes through windows and ventilation systems. Not to forget, the indoor furniture, plastics, paint, and floor – they all emit off-gas noxious fumes that choke our lungs and degrade our health. Air … Read more

Complete List of Alexa Commands for Dyson

Dyson is a global leader and innovator in home appliances, and despite founder James Dyson’s scepticism about the internet of things (source) they have started adding smart home integration to many of their newer devices. You can now integrate Dyson smart purifiers and robotic vacuums into your smart home and control them both using just … Read more

Best Smart Electric Heaters [UK Guide]

Imagine you’re driving home from work on an unexpectedly cold evening, wouldn’t it be nice to get home to a warm home. Or imagine you’re halfway through your shopping but can’t remember if you left the space heater on at home. Well, with a smart electric heater, these problems can be easily solved via your … Read more

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